June 2017 Theater Camp
Boy Who Kept A Secret MP3's & Script pdf.

The script and mp3's are to be used by people enrolled in our June 2017 theater camp. Casting will be happening the weekend of May 6-7, after which we will be sending out an email to enrolled families letting them know what characters their kids will play and what songs they will be singing. After that, for any questions on what songs your kids sing, please contact us at directortorsti@rovainenmusicals.com  

Script for June 2017 version of Boy Who Kept A Secret     (click on the red text below. This will open the script as a pdf in a new window to print or download)

June 2017 Script

--As you will see, this script contains a longer version (all the text and songs in the script), and a shorter version (only the normal text, the boldfaced parts being cut). I will let folks know which version we are doing by May 31st. 

For those who were part of our longer summer 2015 or autumn 2016 productions of this show, you will notice that some of the songs have been shortened, altered, or skipped over. If there is a discrepancy between the script and the song here, we sing the shorter version found in the script.

Songs that are a longer version than we do in this summer's show are marked with three stars ***  Check the script to see which parts of the song are being sung in the summer's show.

1)  Tell Your Mum                        Gossipers, Young Boy

2)  Walk The Plank                       Pirates

3)  Sire We Can Advise You        Councillors, Sultan, Morningstar 

4)  Seven Years                              Boy

5)  I Can't Do It                             Boy

6)***  Remember / Hold On            Morningstar (we don't sing the rest of Hold on in this summer's version)

7)***  When His Highness               Datenut, Soldiers, Sultan, Councillors (if the councillors are in the show)

8)  Witch Doctor                            Witch

9)  Witch Song                             Witch

10)  Outside the Castle                Older Boy

11)  Witch Song Reprise             Witch

11)  Tell Your Mum Reprise       Gossipers, Boy

  These next track I included on the CD for the theater club just for fun, the full Hungarian song and dance Minden Tanc.
    It is not in the show we will be performing on June 30th

13)  Minden Tanc                          Hungarian Villagers