Lead parts for 2015 hillsboro Oregon show
The Princess and the Pauper

Students aged 11-14 (with an occasional exception for an 10-year old) who wish to be considered for lead roles need to do three things no later than April 30th 2015:

  • Be officially enrolled in camp via our on-line registration (Hillsboro camp registration is here for 1st time families and here for returning families)
  • In the registration question that asks whether the student is interested in being considered for a lead role, mark "Yes"
  • If interested in a singing role, prepare a ~30 second song / part of a song. Song can either be sung live over the phone to a camp staff or recorded to be played later.

On May 1st, the camp will review all the students interested in lead roles, and arrange for a ~5-10 minute live phone conversation with the student in question to hear about their interests. This is a very important time for students to be as clear and honest as they can, letting us know whether there is a part or parts they are most excited about, if they are open to other roles at camp if they aren't cast as a certain lead, and whether they feel they'll be able to put in the work to learn all their lines between early May and the start of camp.

Students 11-14 not cast for lead roles will be given smaller individual roles and/or group parts that fit their age and abilities.

gender considerations for casting at inspirations camps

NOTE: Via our camp policy, Inspirations Camp does not discriminate in casting based on gender. What this means is that if we have a child who identifies as a boy who would really like to be cast as a character in the play who is a girl, that boy will have just as much of a chance at the role as someone applying who identifies as a girl.  For the performance itself, regardless of the gender of the student and the character being played, our costuming director will make any needed or suitable costume or make-up alterations, working with the student to find the best fit.

When enrolling, parents let us know whether their child has a gender preference for casting, which usually looks like either
1)  Only cast as one gender
2)  One gender preferred, but open to being cast as either gender

3)  Either gender fine

list of lead parts for Princess and the Pauper 2015

Codes:      Si:  This character has singing lines (either in group or alone)
                  So: This character has one or more solo lines sung
                  M / F / E:  This character in the play itself is male, female, or could be either

Parts are listed by relative size from bigger to smaller.

-- The Pauper Rachel  Si, So, F   (this part might be split into two parts, 1st half and 2nd half of play)
      This is one of the two lead roles around whom the action revolves. A girl who grew up in the slums is suddenly caught in the castle and everyone thinks her to be the true princess of the land. 

-- The Princess Rose  Si, So, F    (this part might be split into two parts, 1st half and 2nd half of play)
      The other half of the story's focus. Rose enjoys her comforts but longs for a different way of life, and ends up getting more than she bargained for when she is caught in London's slums, with seemingly no way to regain entrance to the castle.

-- Bridget    Si, So, F
      Rachel's best friend, ends up teaching Princess Rose how to survive in London's slums and sharing her adventure of how to get back into the castle. Besides a solo mid-play, Bridget also sings in one big song that will either be mostly solo, duet, or a group number, depending on casting. 

-- King Henry VIII   Si, So, M
      Bombastic, proud, boastful, shallow, funny, this character is a hoot. Tries to make his castle shine and give his daughter (actually the Pauper) advice about romance. Sings 1-2 big songs, then catches deathly ill for his last song of the play.

-- Rachel's Mother  Si, So, F
      Caring but beaten down by life, Rachel's Mother tries to do her best for her daughter. Has two big songs in play.

-- John, Rachel's Stepfather   M  (could be one-two lines of singing)
      A wicked man who sends children out into the streets to beg, then takes the money they earn.

-- Hertford / Rowland (2 Character)  Si, So (short duet), M & M
     Advisors to Henry VIII and the ones charged to oversee Rose's well-being. Get greatly flummoxed after Rachel and Rose switch, as they can't figure out the new behavior and are worried what the king will think.

-- The Friend   Si, So (1st half), M   {This part might be split into first half / second half casting}
      A childhood chum of the lead. They have a falling out, and we don't see this character until late in the first half, when he has become a soldier in the Sultan's army. After a big solo song about his doubts of being a soldier, he ends up helping Morningstar take care of the lead, and also teach the lead swordfighting. Later in the play he is brainwashed and becomes a mindless and merciless soldier, in the end facing the lead in the final conflict