Scripts, Mp3.s and Sheet music for Enrolled Families

This page has the script for our 2017 Olympus camps, mp3.s of both the songs and some of the spoken dialogue in the play, and sheet music for the songs. Please only use these if you are enrolled in our camps--if you are visiting the website and want to hear songs samples, you can access those by clicking here

The script for Olympus contained 3 versions of the show, shown by boldface.

  • In the Oregon camp we are doing the longest version of the script: all normal text and all boldfaced text.
  • The Vermont camp is doing a modified shortened version of the show, final pdf. below. Mp3.s / sheet music songs that are not in the Vermont production have *** by them below.  For enrolled Vermont families who received the full script in the mail, we have an email we can send that lists all the amendments / cuts / corrections to that script.

oregon camp script

Olympus 2017 Script pdf. to download / print

vermont camp script

Olympus 2017 Vermont Script   pdf. to download / print

Mp3.s of the Olympus Songs / Which characters sing in the song

*** If a song has *** by it, it is not in the Vermont production (but is in the Oregon production)

Three different listings/codes for songs to tell whether they're part of the longest, medium, or shortest versions of Olympus

  • 7) The Me Inside         -- If a song has no marks by it, it is in all three versions of the show (longest, medium, and shortest)
  • 6) *** How I Still Love Him    -- Songs with stars by them are in the longest and medium version, but not the shortest
  • 4) --- Son Don't Fly So High  -- Songs with three hyphens are only in the longest version

1) Olympus                                      Sung by the full Company.  We might shorten this one depending on the camp's make-up.

2) To Be A God                                The Olympians

3) School Songs I                       Athena, Artemis, *** Hypnos, Hermes

4) Son Don't Fly So High          Apollo, Daedalus

5) School Songs II                           Aphrodite, Zeus

6) *** How I Still Love Him            Hera

7) The Me Inside                            Aphrodite

8) Remember Me                       Hero

9) Remember Me 1st Reprise  Hero, Cymone

10) The Graeae                                The Graeae, Graeae Chorus, Hero

11) What In the World?                  Undersea Creatures 

12) How I Still Love Him Reprise   Hera

13) The Me Inside 1st Reprise    Aphrodite

14) The Me Inside 2nd Reprise    Aphrodite


15) We Need A Bride                     Olympians

16) *** We Need A Bride Reprise    Olympians

17) Slap On A Sash                        Olympians

18) You Never Saw Me               Aphrodite, Zeus

19) Come Back Persephone    Demeter

20) The Other Side                     Charon     

21) Hades                                       Hades

22) Hades Reprise                        Hades

23) Remember Me Final Reprise   Hero

24) We Need A Bride Supp. Verse   Olympians   (When we made the recording this verse hadn't been written. See script for placement)

25) The Me Inside 2nd Reprise in E  Aphrodite      --Alternate recording of song 14 in higher key, with instrumentation

Mp3.s of the dialogue / rhythm of certain scenes

Almost all of the spoken lines in Olympus are in verse form. While we don't want the characters to have a strict uniform delivery (think Dr. Seuss), there is a pattern to their lines. ~60% of the dialogue in the play is in the same rhythm and meter, but some characters have their own rhythm,

  • Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Demeter, and Persephone have their own unique rhythm
  • Aphrodite is fluid throughout the play, but sometimes has a double-rhyme per line
  • Zeus and Aphrodite have a different joint rhythm in scene XII. Poseidon and Zeus mimic this in their brief argument later.
  • The Doofs and the Mother at the beginning and end of the play do not speak in any rhythm.

The first track gives an explanation of how to use these tracks and a bit more on the different rhythms. For the marked scenes, some are complete, some only have excerpts from those scenes, and a few have slightly different words within a line, as these recordings were from a previous version of Olympus.

As mentioned in the instruction track, these are meant as examples: we do NOT want students to try to exactly mimic the expression or inflection of these recordings. Instead, we want them to get a feel for the rhythm and meter then make the character their own.


Scene IA             Olympians    Hera, Athena, Hephaestus, Ares, Aphrodite, Zeus

Scene II K           Hera and Aphrodite

Scene II N          Ares & Heracles' class; Students reciting Heracles labors & pronunciation of the place names

Scene II O          Hero and Cymone

Scene V              Hero with the Titans   Perses, Pallas, Menoetius, Metis

Scene VII           Olympian Council

Scene VIII         Pallas, Perses, Menoetius, Metis;    Ares, Heracles, Artemis

Scene IX            Olympic Council

Scene XII          Aphrodite Zeus conflict

Scene XIII         Titans; Metis, Aphrodite, Hero

Scene  XIV        Aphrodite, Demeter

Scene XV          Charon, Aphrodite, Hero

Scene  XVII       Hades, Aphrodite, Persephone, Hero;   Menoetius, Aphrodite

Scene  XVIII     Zeus, Rhea, Aphrodite, Menoetius

Scene  XX         Final Council:  Olympians, Mother  

Sheet Music for Olympus

Olympus                                   Company;  Solos by Hades, Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Metis, Demeter

To Be A God                             Olympic Gods; solo lines by most of the Nine Remaining gods

*** School Songs                             Athena (short solos by Students & Cymone; Artemis; Hypnos; Hermes; Aphrodite & Zeus
                                                             *** Hypnos not in the Vermont show

Remember Me                          This file has the text for the four Remember Me Portions:
                                                               Remember Me Intro                  Students  (not in most scripts, but in all camp shows)
                                                               Remember Me                            Hero
                                                               Remember Me 1st Reprise        Cymone, Hero
                                                               Remember Me Final Reprise    Hero   (this song occurs late in the second act)

Son Don't Fly So High             Apollo & Daedalus   [this sheet music shows the song in C for ease; actual version for show is in B]

*** How I Still Love Him        Hera   (not in Vermont show)   [this sheet music has the song in A, where we'll be doing it in the play.
                                                                    the version on the CD had it in Db]

The Me Inside                          Aphrodite

The Graeae                               Deino, Enyo, Pemphredo, & Graeae Chorus

What In The World?               Undersea Creatures

The Me Inside 1st Reprise     Aphrodite

The Me Inside 2nd Reprise in C     Aphrodite    (lower version)

The Me Inside 2nd Reprise in D    Aphrodite    (higher version)

[[[{    INTERMISSION   ]]]]

We Need A Bride                   Olympic Gods

*** We Need A Bride Reprise    Olympic Gods  (not in Vermont show)

Slap On A Sash                      Olympic Gods   Athena, Artemis, Ares have longer solos

You Never Saw Me                Aphrodite, Zeus

Come Back Persephone       Demeter

The Other Side                      Charon, Minions of Hades

Hades                                     Hades

Hades Reprise                       Hades