You can download the script as a pdf by clicking on the red text.       Princess and the Pauper


We ask all campers to try to have the songs they will be singing in the play memorized by the week of May 16th. While everyone learns differently, we recommend that they hear the songs once a day ~4-5 days a week until they know them--though if they want to hear them more, that is wonderful. You may be surprised at how quickly they pick them up; others may take a fair amount of work. 

These are downloadable as mp3's.  We have CD's of these songs available by request.  You can also listen to these songs here

1)  Overture   Company, Rose, Rachel  Introduction to the world of 1540's London, including the princess and the pauper

2) All I Can Be    Bridget, Rachel   Power song by Bridget, Rachel and urchins about what they can be in the world

3) What I Would Do   Mother   Sad song by Mother wishing she could do more for her

4) A Different Life    Rachel, Rose    The Princess and the Pauper talk about their different lives

5) She's Mad   Ministers, Urchins, Servants   Folks comment on the strange behavior they're seeing in the Princess and the Pauper

6) Rich / Poor   Rachel, Rose     The Princess and the Pauper remark on their new lives

7) Beggar's Creed   Bridget    Bridget teaches the Princess how to beg in the streets

8) Out There Alone  Rose   Short song by Rose being moved by the poverty she sees

9) England's Finest   Knights   Knights' song as they go about their training

10) England Shall Be Known  King Henry VIII, Court (Ministers, Servants, Cook)   King Henry shares what he wants to see in England

11) Forgive Me   King Henry VIII, Mother, Rose, Rachel, Bridget, Rowland, John, Servants     Climax to Act I


12) She's Mad Reprise   Ministers    The ministers comment on how they feel the new Queen is doing

13) Virtue and Vice   Ruffians, Valentina    The Ruffians share what their lives are like in the forest

14) But You Turned Away / Forgive Me Reprise   Mother, Rachel      The Pauper's decision song

15) The Fox and the Hound   Ruffians     The play put on by the Ruffians (spoken word, not song)

16) All I Can Be Reprise    Company    Final (short) song in the play

***  BONUS TRACKS  ***

17) Bonus Track Explanation / Disclaimer     We've included three bonus tracks as mp3.'s:  the first song Mother English might be in the play, the other two are (most likely) not. Please listen to the disclaimer before playing How To Succeed At Love for your kids.

18) Mother English    Servants   Silly song about the English language

19) The Truth Be Found   Rowland   Decision Song by Minister Rowland surrounding his doubts about the Princess' identity

20) How To Succeed At Love  Henry VIII, his wives, Court    Song detailing Henry's colorful relationship with love and his past wives. 
           **** Please listen to disclaimer (Number 17) about this song before playing for your children


Sheet Music

Sheet music for the songs in the play. Please note:

  • This sheet music is for the full versions of the songs; in the club, several of the songs have been shortened:  A Different Life, Rich/Poor, Out There Alone, England's Finest, She's Mad Reprise, and Virtue and Vice.
  • The sheet music is in a slightly different order than the mp3.s above
  • There are several songs that we have sheet music for here that are not in the club performance, including Poor Manners, How To Succeed at Love, and The Truth Be Found


Poor Manners

All I Can Be

What I Would Do

A Different Life

Mother English

She's Mad

Rich / Poor

Beggar's Creed 

Out There Alone

England's Finest  

England Shall Be Known

How To Succeed At Love

Forgive Me  

She's Mad (Reprise)

The Truth Be Found

Virtue and Vice

But You Turned Away / Forgive Me Reprise

All I Can Be Reprise