Script and Mp3.s of the songs for The Ramayana
Inspirations Theater Camp 2016

3-week camp--Oregon
2- / 2.5-week camp--Vermont

---> note: this is not the script for the 2017 theater club <---

also, there are fewer songs in the theater club version, 
and some have been shortened/modified.

Both the script and the mp3.s will be available online September 25.

You can access a pdf. of the Ramayana script here as well as download mp3.s of the songs for use on your devices.
  *** These are intended for families registered for the 2016 Inspirations Theater Camp. If you are not part of the camps and would like to discuss renting the Ramayana for a community or school production, please contact Inspirations Camp Director Torsti Rovainen at       Rights to the script and songs for the Ramayana are held by Rovainen Musicals

Ramayana 2016 Script

Click on the red text to access a pdf. of the script.
(Boldfaced dialogue and songs are in both the Friday/Saturday production and the Thursday performance; lines and songs in plain text are only the Friday/Saturday production)

Ramayana Songs:  Mp3.s

When first learning the songs it is easiest to have a script handy to see who sings which parts of each song.

1) The Ramayana      Human Narrators, Demon Narrators, Grandmother; one line by Vibishina, Lakshmana, and Rama

2) Bazaar Song      Ayodhyan Villagers  [this song ties in immediately from the end of The Ramayana]

3) How To Be King     Sumanthra, Dasaratha, Viswamithra, Court;  one line by Rama

4) Lullaby     Janaka

5) Then You'd Grow   Janaka;  one line by Sita
** Note: this was the one song we added orchestrations to this spring. We hope to have orchestrations for all the songs in the future.

6) You Should Marry   Servants; a few lines by Sita

7)  The Night    Sita  (Rama has two possible lines in this that aren't on this recording); [this song ties in immediately from the end of You Should Marry]

8)  Love Just Makes Things Worse   Lakshmana and Gang (Deepak, Ganesh, Pratosh, and Narayan); Sumanthra; one line by Rama

9) Beha Din Ayo   Ayodhyan Villagers

10)  He Promised You    Manthara, Suchara, Kaikeyi

11)  Na Jane   Kausayla, Sumanthra, Viswamithra; Na Jane Chorus

12)  Marry Me   Surpanakha

13)  Rakshasa City   Fighting Rakshasa

14)  You Need A Wife   Demon Surpanakha, Ravana, Court; Vibishina might have 2 lines in this song

15) We Will Go On  Sita, Rama, Lakshmana, Vibishina, Ravana Head #5

--->  Intermission   <---

16) I Am Hanuman    Hanuman, Some Monkeys

17) Bodol Ysili Ma   Monkeys, Hanuman

18) The Bodies of Their Slain (spoken word)  Ravana's 10 heads

19)  My Queen   Ravana's 10 Heads

20)  Your Time Will Soon Be Done   Demon Tormentors

21)  Should I Go? (Sita)   Sita, Janaka

22)  Right Now   Hanuman  [this song ties in immediately from the end of Should I Go? (Sita)) 

23)  Bridge Song   Hanuman, Monkeys, possibly Rama/Lakshmana

24)  Should I Go? (Vibishina)  Vibishina

25)  War Song  Lakshmana, Rama, Monkeys, Fighting Demons

26)  Finale  Rama, Lakshmana, Company (save Ravana)

These next five tracks are the individual voices for We Will Go On from the last half of the song. We've added these because some students will find it easiest to practice from these recordings. We do recommend them striving to sing with the five-part version (#15) as well to practice the timing of their entrances.

27)  We Will Go On  Rama
28)  We Will Go On  Lakshmana
29)  We Will Go On  Sita
30)  We Will Go On  Vibishina
31)  We Will Go On  Ravana Head #5