In our after-school musical theater clubs, we explore theatrical expression in a variety of ways--theater games, acting exercises, scene rehearsals, and singing

In our after-school musical theater clubs, we explore theatrical expression in a variety of ways--theater games, acting exercises, scene rehearsals, and singing


autumn 2018 theater club
week of Oct. 8 to week of  Nov. 12

Featuring our show Olympus

Theater Clubs:
Kids grades 2-8 get to have fun,
Explore theater, and sample
our summer camp experience.

Confirmed sites:
--  Portland Waldorf School on Mondays 3:00
-- Swallowtail School on Thursdays 1:30
-- Micha-el School on Fridays
(Micha-el: lower grades 1:30; upper 3:00)

-- Cedarwood & Portland Village School
       in discussion / pending

    Registration opens the first week of September


  • Play theater games, learn some acting tips, and perform with others
  • Learn original songs
  • Get in a little theatrical swordfighting
  • Play with costumes
  • Perform an end-of-term shortened version of the show within each school
  • Combine with all the schools for one grand final performance

Times:  Each school typically meets for 75 - 90 minutes after school one day a week. We also meet twice as a combined group over two weekends for a costuming rehearsal and a final rehearsal / performance.

We also offer a weekends-only option for students who attend schools other than the sites of our after-school clubs.

The Bigger Picture / In-Depth

In our clubs we explore theatrical expression through improvisational theater, theater games, and acting exercises. We also sing songs from the show and rehearse skits and scenes for the performance. While we keep the mood light, there are also times where we are focused and expect our student's best concentration and effort. 

Theater clubs are for students who would like to explore drama more thoroughly, and work with a group towards both a mini-presentation in-school, offered to friends and family at the end of our term, and a larger presentation where all four theater clubs combine forces for one grand finale.


  • For the combined show, Grades 5 and up can audition for leads or be cast in group/smaller parts

After the first class, students will let us know whether they wish to be considered for lead roles and/or solo singing. Auditions happen over the phone. Casting will be set by the third week of club meetings. Students applying for lead roles are agreeing to take the time outside of our clubs to learn their lines and songs, ideally at least a week before the show. Leads (open to students Grades 5 and up who apply) need to be able to hold pitch for singing (if a singing part) and commit to having their lines memorized at least one week before the performance.

  • For our in-school shows, Grades 4 and up can request to be considered for larger parts.

In addition to the combined performance which combines all four clubs, we will be having each individual theater club perform a shortened version of the show. 4th graders and up can express interest in this at the first club meeting. Based on numbers, space, and the show that year, not all children interested in larger parts receive them.

  • For the combined show, Grades 4 and below will be cast in group parts and occasionally small individual roles

Some younger students will have individual lines; most will be in several group parts and group songs.

  • We ask all families to make time for students to learn their songs and lines outside of musical theater club hours

Given our limited time with the students, we make sure we use that time for drama games, rehearsals, and singing. While students occasionally will have a few minutes here and there to read over their lines, we ask all students and parents to take sufficient time outside of club hours to learn their lines. Students will have access to cd's of the songs to learn from, sheet music online, and mp3's on our website

  • The final performance will be fun...but probably not too polished

Those who have seen our summer camp performances know the high standard of quality we aspire to. For our musical theater clubs, while we still welcome and challenge students to their best work, given our rehearsal schedule (5-6 sessions) and our full cast only assembling twice, with once being on the final day before the show, there may be a few hiccups in the performance.

Sets and props will be minimal; costumes are fun but varied.


  • Remaining questions?

Feel free to contact us at or 503 - 895 - 4705.  We also plan on having a table after school at most locations a week or two before the clubs begin.

Students need not have prior drama experience to participate in after-school theater clubs. 

Sliding scale donations vary year to year based on the length of our offering. It is typically $75 - $150, with a few scholarships sometimes available.

                                                                                          See you at the show!

                                                                                         See you at the show!