The Sultan, The Secret, and the Witch
Sample MP3's

These mp3's are samples for our 2019 show The Sultan, the Secret, and the Witch. They are from out 2015 show the Boy Who Kept A Secret, which is ~90% similar to the 2019 show.

Main changes are the protagonist is a Girl (can be played by any gender), is from a village of forest people (rather than from the Gossipers’ home), and is seeking to find her mother, who has been kidnapped by the Sultan.

For a short tour, we recommend

  • Walk the Plank (silly)

  • What She Found (Princess ballad) or My Father’s Trade (soldier’s ballad)

  • Witch Doctor (antagonist song)

  • Remember / Hold On or Empire of Man (challenging group songs)


1)  Tell Your Mum                        Gossipers, Young Boy

2)  Walk The Plank                       Pirates

3)  Sire We Can Advise You        Councillors, Sultan, Young Morningstar 

4)  What She Found                     Young Morningstar, Witch

5)  My Father's Trade                   Soldier Guarding Boy's Cell

6)  Seven Years                              Older Boy

7)  I Can't Do It                             Older Boy

8)  Remember / Hold On            Bear / Turtle / Owl / Coyote / Panther

9)  When His Highness               Datenuts 1 and 2, Wizards, Soldiers, Councillors

10)  Witch Doctor                         Witch

11)  Witch Song                             Witch

12)  Outside the Castle              Older Boy

13)  Witch Song Reprise             Witch

14)  Tell Your Mum Reprise       Gossipers, Older Boy, Guardians

15)  Finale                                      Company

16)  Empire of Man                       Guardians, Boy

17)  Minden Tanc                          Hungarian Villagers