Returning families Camp Enrollment

                                                                                       WELCOME BACK !!!

This page has the following, from top to bottom:

  • A message from the Camp Director
  • Review of 2018 summer camp dates and times
  • A list of changes to camp in 2018 from previous years
  • A description of the 2-step enrollment process
  • The enrollment form itself (links to medical forms & financial contribution form at very bottom of page)

Message from Inspirations Camp Director Torsti Rovainen for 2018 camps

I'm excited to welcome back students for another season of summer musical theater camp--for some, their third, fourth, even fifth season with us. We highly value the experience and the enthusiasm that returning campers bring, and look forward to both the camp experience and the shows we create together this year.

Well wishes, and we'll look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Torsti Rovainen

2018 camp dates & times

  • Cornelius Camp   June 26 - 30    9:00 - 2:30     aftercare possible to 5:00
  • Portland Camp   July 2 - 6 (or July 2-3, 5-6)   9:00 - 1:15   aftercare possible to 3:30
  • Portland Camp II   July 9 - 28   9:00 - 2:30    aftercare possible to 4:30
  • Vermont Camp   August 6 - 18   9:00 - 2:30     (August 13-18 for alumni campers ages 15+)
        (Vermont Camp addition if child aged 12-14 chosen as lead)    August 1 - 3   9:00 - 2:30)

For Our 2018 Camps--a few changes

We also wanted to let you know about some of the changes and updates for this year's camps.

  • At our Oregon 3-week camp and our Vermont camp, for the first time we are offering an optional pocket show experience.
             Every child in camp will be cast in our longer show A Midsummer Night's Dream, with lead parts going to those aged 12-14, and this show till be our main focus at camp. On top of that, if any children wish, they can also take part in a shortened version of The Princess and the Pauper, with lead parts in that show being offered to children aged 10-11. This is designed to give those kids (especially younger ones) with large dramatic appetites a chance to sink their teeth into larger roles (though all students in camp can take part in the pocket show, should they wish).  More about the pocket show here
  • 9:00 - 2:30 schedule for all camps (except our July 2-6 camp).    In 2017 we experimented with a shorter camp day ending at 1:15. While this worked well for our focus, we weren't able to offer as many electives for the kids or to have afternoon rehearsals when we needed them. 
  • Tuition prices at our camps have been adjusted accordingly to reflect this longer day spent with the kids.
  • Our 3-week Oregon camp is also two days longer than in 2017 (we had started on a Wednesday rather than Monday), which also affects tuition in 2018

casting conversation and auditions for 2018

Oregon 3-week camp:  lead roles: students aged 12-14 (plus inspired 11-year olds) audition in person  May 12 or 13.
                                         Supporting / medium roles: students aged 10-14 have a casting conversation by phone May 12 or 13
Oregon 1-week camps:  Students aged 10-11 interested in larger / solo parts have casting conversation by phone May 12 or 13
Vermont 2-week camp:  Students aged 10-14 have casting conversation by phone May 19 or 20

All Camps: Children 9 and under, and 10-14 year olds who only want to be considered for group parts and/or very small individual roles need not have a casting conversation. Parents can indicate casting preferences (gender, etc.) on the registration form.


The 2-Step enrollment Process

STEP 1:  Check in with your child on their theatrical preferences (gender, and for older students, type of part sought for) for this coming year. Questions such as being asked to be considered for a lead role (Age 12-14), or which gender a child prefers or is open to for casting should be figured out, either with that child or within the family, before you enroll. We ask this because once we have your child's information and the casting is set, it is very challenging to rearrange things should your child's wishes be different than what came in the enrollment form; and for continuity, in almost all cases we stick with the initial casting.

STEP 2:  Fill out the enrollment form below, using the 'Additional Comments' section if there are any changes to your contact information. 

       **Medical form updates--if the information on your medical & pick-up authorization are the same as previous years, you needn't fill out a new form. If there is a small change, you can email that to us; if insurance policies, addresses or such have changed, please fill out a new form.

Once these two steps have happened, and assuming the tuition agreement is in place, your child will be officially enrolled in Inspirations Camps.


When you enroll your child, we will send you via pdf. a $75.00 tuition deduction certificate that you can give to  newly enrolling family of your choice, should you wish. It's a way of welcoming in new families while thanking our returning families for your continued patronage.

returning families Camp Enrollment Form

Required fields have a star* next to the words above the white boxes

If you have any questions about enrollment or the form below, please contact us at 503 - 895 - 4705 or

(To our families enrolling multiple children, please bear with us with by filling out this form multiple times. We experimented with a few other models but they were either not space-efficient or involved a hornet's nest of sub-auxiliary clicks and bubble window pop-up pages; when it was all said and done, it seemed like it would actually take less time just to fill this out 2+ times than to go through all that)

** When filling out this form press 'Tab' or click on the next box to proceed; hitting 'return' will cause the form to submit prematurely. 

** Before proceeding, leaving this page, or clicking any of the buttons below, make sure you pressed the black 'submit' button above. If successful, the form will have disappeared and a small confirmation message taken its place **

Here is a link to the medical forms / photo release / pick-up authorization if you need to fill these out with new updated information

If you are filling out a new medical form, you can bring it with you on the first day of camp.  We can not have children at camp who do not have a medical form on file.

Camp contributions   

Please click the button to the right to go to our financial page, which has an online payment link and information for paying by check. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THIS BUTTON IF YOU ARE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF FILLING OUT YOUR RE-ENROLLMENT ABOVE--you will lose everything that you've filled out. Only once you've seen the message "Enrollment has been received" at the bottom of the space the enrollment questions was (white text on black) you are safe to go.