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You can download the script here in three ways:  Microsoft Word, Open Office, or as a pdf  If you wish, we can also invite you to view the script on Paper copies of the script should be available, by request, by mid-June.

(Microsoft Word version needs 1-2 updates, but is 99.5% correct)

Microsoft WordPrincess and the Pauper (OR)

Open Office org Princess and the Pauper (OR)

Pdf  Princess and the Pauper (OR)


There are 15 songs in this summer's play, as well as two possible songs.  Half of these songs will be the full length you hear on the tracks, while others have been trimmed. We cut parts of some songs to suit our cast and time needs for the play. You will see after each song notes that indicate which parts of the song we will be learning, and any small corrections to the recording. In some places it was simply not time-effective or feasible to correct or re-record that portion of the song. If there is a conflict in language between the sound recording and the script, the script is correct.

We ask all campers to come to camp having memorized the songs they will be singing in the play, so that we can use our three weeks of theater camp for fun theater games and focussed rehearsals. While everyone learns differently, we recommend that they hear the songs once a day ~5 days a week until they know them--though if they want to hear them more, that is wonderful. You may be surprised at how quickly they pick them up; others may take a fair amount of work. 

You can also listen to these songs here

These are downloadable as mp3's.  We are also open to mailing you a physical copy of the songs on CD.

--If song is preceded by the word Possible, it is currently not in the play, but we might bring it in once camp starts if it feels like a good fit and we have time
--If song has been trimmed, it is preceded by TR

--ST followed by italics let you know when we start and stop the song, if it shorter than the full version

1)  TR  Intro / Overture -- Rose's Servants, Rose, Rachel  Introduction to the princess' servants, the princess, and the pauper
  --ST We start this song at 2:28  (If we had a cast of 30 or more we could pull off the beginning)
  --Rose:  3:02  *change "I could" to "I'd go"
  -- Rose & Rachel 3:33 - 3:58  we're cutting these lines    

2)  Possible  Bad Manners -- Urchins  The pauper was reading a book on royal manners; an urchin reads from it making fun of her. The words are lifted from a 1400's book on child manners
  --Charles:  0:22  *change "dust" to "crumbs"
  --Charles, Urchins   1:06 & 1:10   *change "there" to "here"

3)  All I Can Be -- Urchins  The Pauper's friend just tried to stand up to the stepfather that forces the urchins to beg in the streets; after he leaves, urchins sing about what they'd like to see
  -- When we perform this song, it will likely be a bit more upbeat and faster than this version
  --Bridget  0:59  *change "I'll"  to "I'd"
  --Bridget  1:14  *omit the word "of"
  --Bridget  1:28   She says "no" language, though it sounds like "a" language 

4)  What I Would Do -- Mother  The pauper's Mother sings about the better life she's like to bring to her child

5)  A Different Life -- Rachel & Rose  The Princess and Pauper meet, and hear about each other's lives
  This song is sung one full step lower than this version in the recording. It starts in they key of Bb, not C. 
  -- BIGGEST CHANGE  In the Oregon version we omit certain verses and reorder the others, so the sung version is good to 1) learn the tune and 2) learn the verses that are in the actual script.  Ignore any verses not in the script itself!
  --0:26  If you listen closely, you can hear Bella the Dog decide to enter the studio through a creaky door
  --Rose & Rachel  1:58  they sing a second "In the Mud" one half-step up from the previous "mud" note
  --2:16  From this point on, the actual music is in the key of Db, one half-step lower than what is recorded here
  --2:55 - End   98% chance we are cutting these lines  

6) Possible Mother English -- Servants / possibly Ministers  This is a silly song by some royals about the vagaries of the English language
  This song's placement in the play will likely be changed. It was initially put here while Rose and Rachel changed costumes, but that was before we wrote the song A Different Life, which incorporates the change into the scene.  We'll figure out where we put this song during camp itself.
  --0:02 Song is correct here using "but boxing rings are..." (Script has 'and')

7)  She's Mad -- Hertford, Rowland, Ministers, Urchins, Servants  Everyone's trying to figure out why the Princess and pauper are behaving oddly: first two main ministers, then urchins, then servants / ministers in dining hall, then all join the refrain once the two leads have gone to bed
  --Servants  0:37  *change "Did you hear it?" to "Can you believe it?" 
  --Urchins  1:23  *they sing a "She's maaaaaaad..." here, similar to what they sing five seconds later

8)  Rich / Poor -- Not in our play this summer

9)  Beggar's Creed -- Bridget [Rose spoken lines]  Pauper's friend Bridget trying to teach the Princess how to beg
  --Bridget  0:43  *add word "story" to spoken line; it should be "What does it matter what story we tell?"

10)  Out There Alone -- Rose  The Princess is touched by the poverty she sees
  --Rose  0:07  *change "there" to "here"

11)  England's Finest -- Knights & Rachel  the castle's knights let us know why they're the best in England
  --Knights  1:10  we may make this 3rd verse instrumental up to 1:35 when they begin singing the "Eeyah hey's" again

12)  TR  England Shall Be Known -- Henry, Ministers, Servants, Knights  King Henry VIII lets his court know how he thinks England should be known
  -- ST We cut the 2nd verse, which goes from 0:30 - 0:54
  -- ST We cut dialogue from 2:17 to 2:40

  --Henry  3:43  *Add the line "Who?!"
  --Company  3:43 (after Henry)  *Repeat sung line: "A teenaged wizard schoolboy whose parents he has never known"
  -- ST We will likely cut the chorus parts from 4:13 to the end

13)  TR  How To Succeed At Love -- Henry, Wives, Ministers, Servants, Knights, Rachel   The king offers his advice / experience to the Pauper (who he thinks is his daughter, the Princess) about romance
  **This song has a number of lines of dialogue in the song that are not in this recording--see script
     --It is also a bit faster than you hear in this recording
  -- ST We cut the 2nd - 4th verses from 1:15 - 4:24
  --Company  6:59, 7:02  *Change "You kill him off" to "She kills him off"  {keep first 'You kill him off']

14)  Forgive Me -- Company  King Henry is dying, expresses his regret; Pauper's Mother shares her sadness; 5 other lead characters sing about what they want to see. Henry dies, the Pauper finds out she is to be England's next queen, and the curtain closes, ending Act I
  --Henry  0:26  *Change "daughter" to "child"
  --Mother  1:26  *Change "I am" to "I'm"
  --Mother  1:30  Omit the word "all"
  --Rowland 2:20 - 2:22 *Change "She's not the one" to "Is she the one?"
  --Rowland  2:28 - 2:31  You have a sung line with a similar tune to Rachel's "I'm not the true one;" you say, "I'll find the true one"

Act II

15)  She's Mad (Reprise) -- Streetfolk, Rachel, Lawyers, Accused, Ministers  How is the new queen doing?  We hear word on the street; then we go to a trial scene where the princess is presiding.  Ministers argue about what they think of the new queen.
  --Lawyer  0:55  *Change "But they say there is no doubt" to "But there can not be a doubt"

16)  The Truth Be Found -- Not in our play this summer

17)  TR  Virtue and Vice -- Valentine, Ruffians  Silly song by ruffians the princess meets in the forest. 
  -- ST we only sing 0:00 - 0:16, and 1:50 to the end
  --Ruffians  1:59  *Change "sometimes" to "always"
  --Valentine  2:08  *Change "Yes" to "Then"
  --Valentine / Ruffians 2:11 - 2:18  *Change "philosophy" to "theater"

18)  But You Turned Away / Forgive Me Reprise -- Mother, Rachel  The Mother saw her daughter the pauper in the coronation parade; she waved to her but the pauper turned away.  Starts with Mother expressing sadness, transitions to the pauper figuring out her feelings and the right thing to do
  --Mother 1:00 the music adds 4 beats of instrumental, so "What can I say?" line comes a bit later

19)  All I Can Be (Reprise) -- Rose, Rachel, Company  Princess, then company, share their vision for a new England. 
  --Rose  0:02  *Change "taught you to" to "made you all"

Sheet Music

Sheet music for all the songs in the play. The sheet music here shows the full-length version of the song, which may be different from what we sing--see notes on each song above.

If there is a discrepancy between the song recordings and the sheet music, first check the change notes above for each song; second, some songs (but not all) allow the singer to create their own rhythm and sometimes notes, as in Out There Alone. If a question arises, we can figure it out when camp starts; but if it's holding up your child learning it, feel free to be in touch for clarification.

1)  Intro / Overture

2)  Poor Manners

3)  All I Can Be

4)  What I Would Do

5)  A Different Life

6)  Mother English

7)  She's Mad

8)  Rich / Poor

9)  Beggar's Creed 

10)  Out There Alone

11)  England's Finest

12)  England Shall Be Known

13)  How To Succeed At Love

14)  Forgive Me
    The music at the end of this song for the leads and Servants/ministers may come easily, though it could also be difficult to work out from this written score. Do your best, trying to listen to your part on the recording and tracking it with the written music. We will spend a good amount of time working on the complex parts at the end of this song once camp starts, and see how far we get.

15)  She's Mad (Reprise)

16)  The Truth Be Found

17)  Virtue and Vice

18)  But You Turned Away / Forgive Me Reprise

19)  All I Can Be Reprise