february break theater camp
Portland waldorf school
Feb. 20 - 24  2017
8:30 am - 3:00 pm
enrollment page (form below)

  • To learn about our February Break Theater Camp, click the purple button to the right.

  • If you have had all your questions answered and are ready to register your child, please

1) Fill out the following form, below  (if enrolling multiple children, you can list up to three of their names at once, or enroll them individually, as you wish)
2) Once the form is complete, hit the black 'Submit' button below the final question
3) Either pay online via the 'Pay Now' Paypal button at the bottom of this page, or bring a cash or check on the first day your child attends the camp. Checks are made out to 'Rovainen Musicals'  (Contribution description found below the enrollment form)
4) If you have done a summer camp with us, we already will have your child's medical information, which we only use should an emergency arise. If we do not have this on file, you will need to fill one out the first morning when you drop your child off. Plan on 3-4 minutes for this. We can not accept students at the February camp for whom we do not have a medical form on file.  Click on the orange button medical form pdf. to bring up the medical form, which you can download/print and bring with you on the first day of camp.


(More information on the February camp can be found by clicking here.)


Items with a * are required.

When filling out the form, please either press 'tab' to get to the next box or click on it with your mouse. Pressing 'return' will cause the form to submit prematurely.

Name of Child *
Name of Child
(If multiple children in a family) Name of 2nd child enrolling
(If multiple children in a family) Name of 2nd child enrolling
Name of 3rd child enrolling
Name of 3rd child enrolling
Days child will be attending (check all that apply): *
Child's Current Grade (if multiple children enrolling, use line below instead) *
First Parent/Guardian *
First Parent/Guardian
Please list a parent / guardian contact here
Additional Parent/Guardian (if applicable)
Additional Parent/Guardian (if applicable)
Club Contact Preferences: Please mark only -one- of the boxes below
We send club-related emails and such either to one parent/guardian or both. Please check the appropriate box below:
If another or any other parent, guardian, or person involved with the child's life wishes to be in the loop with club emails, please write their email(s) here.
Photo Release Attestation *
Occasionally we take photos during our theater experiences to make available to parents and/or club participants. We also sometimes use these photos on our websites or in our promotional materials, though we do not use student names. Please let us know if you are open to photos that contain your child being used, or you would prefer them not to be used (for group shots of the entire cast, we still use them even if a parent has requested us not to; however, for shots of 1-4 people onstage, we avoid using those if a parent has indicated so)


Club contribution options

We ask a $160 - $200 suggested contribution for the February camp, or a $40 - $60 contribution if kids come on a day-to-day basis. Families in need of other arrangements can contact us about our (limited) scholarship program. 

Payment is expected in full by the day the child enters the program.  You can pay

  • by cash or by check in person at the February camp. Checks can be made out to Rovainen Musicals
  • via check in the mail.  Send checks to Rovainen Musicals   2818 SE 70th Ave., Portland OR  97206
  • online with credit card using the link below

This payment can be completed in a few steps via the Pay Now button below. Here is how it works:

  1. When you get to the first Paypal page, first input the Price Per Item (the amount you are paying: sliding scale $160 - $200 per child, (or $40 - $60 by the day), then press 'Continue.' If you  have enrolled multiple students, it is fine to pay all at once.
  2. If you have a Paypal account, log in to your account in the upper part of the right-hand box and proceed from there.
  3. Otherwise, click on the lower button which should say"Pay with a debit or credit card"
  4. This will take you to a page where you input your information. When done, press Pay Now, and you should be set. If there is an issue, we can take checks or cash.

Inspirations Camp Payment