We explore theatrical expression in a variety of ways--theater games, acting exercises, scene rehearsals, and singing

We explore theatrical expression in a variety of ways--theater games, acting exercises, scene rehearsals, and singing

Our February Theater Camp:
Where kids grades 2-8 explore theater
and have fun



  • February 20 - 24  2017
  • 8:30 am - 3:00 pm  
    --Beforecare available 8:00-8:30; no aftercare provided
  • Portland Waldorf School  (exact rooms & location TBA)
  • 2300 SE Harrison  Milwaukie, OR
  • $160 - $200 sliding scale for week ($40 - 60 by day)

THE MUSICAL: THE RAMAYANA   We will be performing scenes and songs from The Ramayana, based on the ancient Indian epic. Follow a young man on his adventures in his home kingdom, his hermitage in the woods, and the Demon City of Lanka where he faces the 10-headed demon Ravana. Along the way he meets with aid, treachery, and a city of monkeys to help him on his quest. You can learn more about The Ramayana here, and hear song samples here.


  • Play theater games, learn some acting tips, and perform with others
  • Learn original songs
  • Get in a little theatrical swordfighting
  • Play with costumes
  • Perform an end-of-term shortened version of the show
  • Participate in a variety show mid-week (if they wish)

The Bigger Picture / In-Depth

We explore theatrical expression through improvisational theater, theater games, and acting exercises. We also sing songs from the show and rehearse skits and scenes for the performance. While we keep the mood light, there are also times where we are focused and expect our student's best concentration and effort.

Whether they are with us for a day or the entire week, students will play drama games in large groups, explore moods for onstage acting (surprise, anger, excitement, etc.), learn songs, and rehearse scenes. Students who wish to will get to come up with their own theater story / skit, either for fun in the moment or to be performed mid-week at our Variety Show.

The final performance on Friday will be fun...but probably not too polished!

Those who have seen our summer camp performances know the high standard of quality we aspire to. For our February camp, while we still welcome and challenge students to their best work, the performance will likely be spirited but a bit more improvisational, given our variable population, students coming in and out during the week, and us learning our lines and songs during the week itself.

Sets and props will be minimal; costumes should be fun.

  • We balance the day with theater, outside activity, and afternoon electives

Some kids like to do theater all day--great! For others, a 3-4 hour dose during the day is enough. We offer afternoon electives that can include more theater but also art, games, or just relaxation with a good book.

During the day kids will have at least two times for outside play at the Portland Waldorf School playground. Depending on the weather, there might be an inside option as well.



  • Remaining questions?

Feel free to contact us at info@rovainenmusicals.com or 503 - 895 - 4705.  

Students need not have prior drama experience to participate in the February camp.

For theater clubs, we ask a sliding scale donation of $160 - $200 for the entire experience and $40 - $60 for those who attend by the day.  If that range presents a challenge we are open to dialoguing with parents to find a fit.

                                                                                         See you at the show!

                                                                                         See you at the show!