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Please take a few minutes to fill out this Inspirations Camp parent/camper feedback form. You can share your feedback as a camp parent/guardian, a parent/guardian speaking for a camper, or both together. We are also open to campers filling this form out.  

Your feedback will be shared with Inspirations Camp Staff so that we can continue to do the things that work well, improve any areas of camp that could use work, and hear new ideas for making camp the best it can be. We also use the feedback / testimonials we receive to help prospective parents get a feeling for what Inspirations Camp is all about.

While you're welcome to include your name, it's also fine if you prefer to remain anonymous.

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We are considering changing the camp age range either in 2016 or 2017. This year we were open to children entering Grades 2-9, or 7-14 years old. Based on the last two years' experience, we are considering raising the minimum age to children who are 8 or entering third grade [Reasoning--we have found that most of the activities we do and performance expectations are best held by those 8 and up; 7 year olds have consistently found difficulties in this area at our camps, leading to challenges for them, other campers, and the show. While we've loved having them on many levels, we're questioning whether this camp is the best fit for their age, or their presence the best for the camp]. We are also looking at raising the maximum camper age from 14 to 15 next year, and 16 the following year [The camp was initially open to ages 7-16, and we narrowed that to 7-14 early on]. We're thinking of harnessing all that a 15 or 16 year old could bring the camp and the show. If we were to do that, depending on enrollment numbers we might have the older and younger students in their own age appropriate mini-camps the first half of camp (under one roof still) so that we can really meet them for what their ages are calling for (we already do this to some extent at our camps). There would still be some crossover for group games & group numbers. In this model, we would then come together as one full group for the 2nd half of camp and the show rehearsals leading up to the performance. Please let us know if you have any opinions on this subject. We will be looking to decide this question by November 2015 at the latest.
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