first time families Camp Enrollment


Important:  When you have filled out the form in its entirety,
please press the black "submit" button and look for
the enrollment received confirmation message to appear just below the form.
Only then proceed to fill out any medical or financial forms, or leave this page.

If you leave this page before submitting the form, OR try to fill out
the medical form / contribution form before getting that confirmation message,
  your enrollment will not have been registered. 

** When filling out this form Press 'Tab' or click on the next box to proceed; hitting 'return' will cause the form to submit prematurely. 


Required fields have a star* next to the words above the white boxes

** make sure you press the black 'submit' button above before proceeding **

Thank you for completing the bulk of our Enrollment Form--you're almost done.

(If the questions & white spaces have disappeared, your form has been successfully completed; if you still see the form above, some part is either incomplete or needs attention. Scroll up, fill out the areas (now highlighted in red), then press the black 'submit' button to complete the process)

Please know that your child's registration is not complete until we have received both of these required forms:

  • Enrollment Form (filled out above) 
  • Medical Release/ Child Pick-Up Form (link below)
  • Either received payment in full, been notified that payment will be coming the first day of camp, or you and Inspirations Camp have arrived at a mutually agreed tuition reduction / payment plan, in writing.

Below, you can

-- download the medical form / photo release / pick-up authorization to print, and bring it with you the first day of camp. 
            *** We can not admit any children to camp who do not have a completed medical form.
-- go to the camp contribution page, where you can pay your tuition online, or get address and other information for a payment by check.