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2014 Summer Day Camps

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Inspirations Youth Musical Theater Camps

Inspirations Theater Camps seek to help young people explore their gifts for theatrical expression. We do this through summer camps that feature theater games and exercises in a relaxed and intimate setting, culminating in the performance of a full-length original musical. We strive to make our offerings enjoyable, age-appropriate, and inclusive, and to nurture the kind of passion for theater that can transform young people's lives. Learn more, or read praise for our camps.

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This year's show:

The Princess and the Pauper

AN ORIGINAL MUSICAL based on Mark Twain's story: Two children from royal and poor backgrounds switch places, and have a series of adventures as they try to adapt to their new environments.

Torsti is musical theater. His love and talent for the genre is apparent in every aspect of his productions. His songs are wonderful—creative, tuneful and lively. His directing, inspired. His scripts, cohesive and clever. His ability to work with any and all age groups is impressive. Above all, he makes putting on a musical a joyous occasion for all his cast and crew.
— Kate Winslow, Co-Director & Orchestra Member