parts for 2015 Portland Oregon show
The Boy Who Kept A Secret

This page details three things:

1) The process for leads ages 12-14 (and a few 11-year olds) to apply for lead roles
2) A list of the bigger lead parts
3) A list of the smaller individual roles and group parts

Students aged 12-14 (with an occasional exception for an 11-year old) who wish to be considered for lead roles need to do three things no later than April 30th 2015:

  • Be officially enrolled in camp via our on-line registration (Portland camp registration is here for 1st time families and here for returning families)
  • In the registration question that asks whether the student is interested in being considered for a lead role, mark "Yes"
  • If interested in a singing role, prepare a ~30 second song / part of a song. Song can either be sung live over the phone to a camp staff or recorded to be played later.

On May 1st, the camp will review all the students interested in lead roles, and arrange for a ~5-10 minute live phone conversation with the student in question to hear about their interests. This is a very important time for students to be as clear and honest as they can, letting us know whether there is a part or parts they are most excited about, if they are open to other roles at camp if they aren't cast as a certain lead, and whether they feel they'll be able to put in the work to learn all their lines between early May and the start of camp.

Please visit our song sample page to see what songs each lead character will be singing in to see if the camper feels this character's songs would be a good fit for them.

Lead part phone chats will happen on Saturday May 2nd between 10 and 5 PST and sunday may 3rd between 10 and 3 pst.  

You can see available times remaining on this page.

Students 12-14 not cast for lead roles will be given smaller individual roles and/or group parts that fit their age and abilities.

gender considerations for casting at inspirations camps

NOTE: Via our camp policy, Inspirations Camp does not discriminate in casting based on gender. What this means is that if we have a child who identifies as a boy who would really like to be cast as a character in the play who is a girl, that boy will have just as much of a chance at the role as someone applying who identifies as a girl.  For the performance itself, regardless of the gender of the student and the character being played, our costuming director will make any needed or suitable costume or make-up alterations, working with the student to find the best fit.

When enrolling, parents let us know whether their child has a gender preference for casting, which usually looks like either
1)  Only cast as one gender
2)  One gender preferred, but open to being cast as either gender

3)  Either gender fine

list of parts for Boy who kept a secret 2015

Codes:      Si:  This character has singing lines (either in group or alone)
                  So: This character has one or more solo lines sung
                  M / F / E:  This character in the play itself is male, female, or could be either (all could be played by either gender)
                 35 L    Number of spoken lines in the play
                 31 SL   Number of sung lines in the play
                 ~:25    Estimated amount of stage time during the play
                Names of the songs in which this character sings


-- The Boy or The Girl (1st half of play)  Si, So, E, 42 L, 44 SL, ~:40, A Better Way, Corridor, A Better Way Reprise
      This is the lead role around whom the action revolves. S/he promises to keep a secret early on, and throughout the first half of the play many different parties try to get the secret, causing this character to doubt whether it is all worth it.

-- The Boy or The Girl (2nd half of play)  Si, So, E, 23 L, 39 SL, ~:30  Seven Years, Russian Lullaby II, Freakout, Remember, Empire of Man, At The Gates, My Father's Trade Reprise, Tell Your Mum Reprise  Note: this character only sings 3-6 lines in many of these songs
      Still the lead role, the character now aged seven years finds the courage to both hold the secret but stand up to a great force threatening a peaceful community

-- The Sultan   Si (very short), So (30 seconds), Currently F but could be M, 78 L, 11 SL, ~:25, When Her Highness Declares War
      A war-crazy leader who is full of herself and somewhat blind to what is going on around her. One of the more comedic characters in the play.

-- Princess Morningstar   Si, So, F  {This part will likely be split into first half / second half casting}
     1st half   8 L, 43 SL, :20,  Corridor, Sire We Can Advise You, What She Found    
     2nd half 7 L, 29 SL, :15,  Hold On, What She Found Reprise
      Inward, thoughtful, and caring, this character does her best to protect the lead character from the menacings of the Sultan's army. She too has a secret which haunts her, and in the play she sees if she can find the courage to overcome her fears.

-- The Bear   Si, So, F, 25 L, 48 SL, ~:60, Remember, Hold On, Empire of Man, At The Gates, Tell Your Mum Reprise
     One of the Animal Spirit Guardians who watches over the Boy throughout the play. She has a big song near the end of the first act, and sings in several others. She is the calm, caring one of the Guardians

-- The Panther  Si, So (short), M, 20 L, 23 SL, ~:55,  Hold On, Empire of Man, At The Gates, Tell Your Mum Reprise
    The more war-like Animal Spirit Guardian, who doubts the lead's ability to hold the secret. Panther carries a strong anti-human prejudice which he must deal with as the play goes on

-- The Coyote   Si, So (very short), M, 36 L, 26 SL, ~:55,  Hold On, Empire of Man, At The Gates, Tell Your Mum Reprise
    The joker of the Animal Spirit Guardians. He can be both brave and cowardly, serious and funny, attentive and bored. 

-- The Deer   ~:75
    This part is an interesting challenge to play, as the deer is on for many of the scenes but mute the entire time. She was shot by the Boy in the first scene, but he takes care of her and watches out for her throughout the play after that. Because she's an animal (unlike the Animal Guardians), she acts like an animal on stage. 

-- The Friend   Si, So (1st half), M   {This part might be split into first half / second half casting}
      1st half  28 L, 16 SL, ~:20,   My Father's Trade
    2nd half 13 L, 12 SL, ~:15,  Hold On
      A childhood chum of the lead. They have a falling out, and we don't see this character until late in the first half, when he has become a soldier in the Sultan's army. After a big solo song about his doubts of being a soldier, he ends up helping Morningstar take care of the lead, and also teach the lead swordfighting. Later in the play he is brainwashed and becomes a mindless and merciless soldier, in the end facing the lead in the final conflict

--  The Datenuts   (2 characters)   Each:  Si, So (duet), E, 12 L, 30 SL, ~:25,  When Her Highness Declares War
     The Sultan's long-suffering and quick-witted advisors. They sing one big duet song together.

--  The Witch Doctor   Si, So, F, 20 L, 40 SL, ~:20   What She Found, Witch Doctor, Witch Songs, At The Gates
     The Sultan's Witch Aunt, who we don't meet until the play's second half. She is the true evil behind the Sultan's menace and power, and herself holds a terrible secret, which Morningstar has discovered.


-- The Narrator  E, 34 L, ~:05
    This part narrates the first ~five minutes of the play. Lots of lines to memorize, though it's possible to read from a scroll

-- The Wizards (2 characters)  Each: Si, So (1-2 sung lines solo), E, 6 L, 10 SL, ~:20,  When Her Highness Declares War
    The Sultan's Wizards, who aren't very adept at predicting the future

-- The Owl  Si, So (very short), F, 5 SL, ~:15,  Empire of Man       
     The leader of the Animal Spirit Guardians. A wise, caring presence who appears twice in the play

-- The Turtle  Si, So (very short) E, 1 L, 11 SL, ~:15,  Empire of Man
     A thoughtful member of the Animal Spirit Guardian Council

-- The Mother  Si, So, (short), M, 1 L, 30 SL, ~:10,   Tell Your Mum, Tell Your Mum Reprise
    The Boy's Mother who kicks him out of his home. Could be combined with other roles.

-- Village Leader   Si, So, E, 8 SL, ~:05,   Minden Tanc
    This character appears to sing one song in the play. Depending on the casting, some leads could play this character as well as others.

-- The Oldest Princess   F, 10 L, ~:15, When Her Highness Declares War
    A bit of a drama queen, this is the Sultan's bratty and theatrical oldest daughter

-- The Pirate Captain  Si, So (short), E, 2 L, 30 SL, ~:06,  Walk The Plank
    Leader of the pirates, short solo in the pirate song

-- The Sultan's Recruiter  E, 6 L, ~:10,  When Her Highness Declares War
    First captures the Boy and brings him to the Sultan for questioning

-- The Witch's Liege   E, ~:05
    The Witch's helper who finds a gruesome end

-- 2 Guards, Farmer, Shepherd, Innkeeper, Messenger     E, 1-5 L, ~:01 - :05
    Shorter individual parts throughout the play 


-- The Councillors  Si, So, E, 4 L, 30 SL, ~:25, Sire We Can Advise You, Only A Wizard     Likely ages 10-11 and up          
    These characters give the Sultan advice, some of it not so good. They have their own full-length song

-- The Gossipers   Si, ~So, E, 25 SL, ~:10,  Tell Your Mum, Tell Your Mum Reprise            Likely ages 9-10 and up
    Two songs in the play, can be combined with other parts. They also have their own song and its reprise

-- The Soldiers    Si, E, 12 SL, ~:10,  When Her Highness Declares War                    Likely ages 7 and up
    Sings in the Sultan's song and are in a big fight scene

-- The Pirates  Si, E, 1 L, 30 SL, ~:06, Walk the Plank         Ages 7 and up, most anyone will get to play in the pirate scene should they wish
    The pirates come in for one big lively song, then go off to sea

-- The Animals   E, 15 SL, ~:10,  Queen For A Day (not yet recorded)                     Ages 7-9, possibly some older students
    The Forest animals have a song that they will create during camp; some animals will play the animals who escape from the castle's dungeon as well.