The Princess and the Pauper
Pocket Show   Summer 2018

The Princess and the Pauper in 2014

The Princess and the Pauper in 2014

What is the pocket show?
This year at our 3-week Portland camp and our 2-week Vermont camp, we've decided to add a second show to our line-up. The pocket show is a ~45-60 minute shortened version of our original musical the Princess and the Pauper, and will have one performance on the final Saturday of camp before the longer show. 
          The pocket show is intended for students who 

  • have a large appetite for theater, and can take on roles for two shows at once
  • 10-11 year olds who would like to try out for bigger parts (in the larger show 12-14 year olds typically hold the leads)
  • Are fine with rehearsing some afternoons while other students at camp are taking elective classes like art or theater games.

Who can take part?
Any child enrolled in the 3-week camp can take part in the pocket show if they wish. However, they will already have roles for the longer show (Midsummer Night's Dream). The pocket show is intended for those children who have the extra energy and drive to take on another show.

Who gets cast in lead parts for this show?

  • Students 10-11 years old or entering the 5th / 6th grade in autumn 2018 are first in line for lead roles for the pocket show (in the larger show, lead roles typically go to students aged 12-14).
  • Students 12-14 and 8-9 (entering grades 7-9 or 3-4 in autumn 2018) play supporting and group parts, unless there is an opening not filled by 10-11 year olds.

How does casting work for the pocket show?
          10-11 year olds: Parents who wish their children to be considered for larger parts in the pocket show indicate this on their child's enrollment. In early May, we set up lead conversations by phone, typically 5-10 minutes, where students let us know their casting preferences and, if the role has any solo singing, prepare a ~30 second solo song to sing over the phone. Casting is usually known by the end of May at the latest.
          10-11 year olds can also participate in supporting roles / smaller roles / group parts, in which case our casting conversation will cover more basic casting questions.
          12-14 year olds: while not cast as leads, this can be a fun space for 12-14 year olds to take on roles typically assigned to younger students. Besides any enjoyment these roles bring, they can also know they are helping support the younger students in the lead roles.
          8-9 year olds: as in the longer show, 8-9 year olds are cast in group parts and supporting roles. For parents concerned that their young child would be taking too much on, it is possible to be in the pocket show and only take part in 1-2 scenes / songs.

          IMPORTANT:  as with our lead casting for the longer show, we only want students to have lead conversations if they are intent and able to memorize all their spoken lines and songs by the first day of camp. This would be in addition to any songs and lines they were learning for the longer show. If a student isn't up for this amount of work, we recommend they not shoot for a lead in the pocket show.

How will rehearsals work for the pocket show, given all the work you do on the longer production?
While we will have some time for rehearsals for the pocket show, it will not have as much stage time as the longer production. The final performance will be a mix of rehearsed scenes and semi-improvisation.
         Furthermore, rehearsals for the pocket show during the first part of camp will take place during the afternoons, which are typically given to student elective classes. This means that 2-3 times a week a pocket show student will be rehearsing for that show and not able to take electives such as theater games, swordfighting, art, etc.

My child was in the Princess and the Pauper before in an Inspirations Theater camp / theater club. Is this the same show?
The 2018 summer show will be a ~50 minute version of the show, unless we have fewer than ten participants, in which case it will be closer to 30 minutes long. While there will certainly be lots of crossover with previous shows, some scenes and songs will have either been cut or added, shortened or lengthened.