how lead selection works FOR THE theater clubs--grades 5 and higher

Students wishing to be considered for leads need to have their parents sign them up for a 5-10 minute phone conversation the weekend of October 7th - 8th, 

Students Grades 5 and higher:

  • Parents sign up for an in-person or phone interview with the camp. Sign-up sheet available on our website here.
  • Students will share with us what roles they believe they'd enjoy or like to be considered for, including any roles that they -wouldn't- want to do. It is important for children to have become familiar with the parts if they have distinct preferences. They should also let us know any gender preferences (onstage) and the relative size of the roles they are open to.
  • Students prepare a 30 second song of any genre to be sung over the phone (if they want to be considered for a solo or duet).
  • If needed, be given a quick vocal range test over the phone to determine highest and lowest voice range.

Once the casting picture is complete I will notify parents via email on Monday October 9th the part or parts that have been assigned.

To see currently available times for a lead phone conversation the weekend of October 7th - 8th, CLICK HERE

LIST OF PARTS IN RAMAYANA   theater club autumn 2017

For each lead part we list

  • the relative size of the part
  • The number of songs, and whether the songs are solo, duet, or group.
  • A little bit about each character
  • The gender on stage of the character, or whether that is flexible. For the casting, either boys or girls can be considered to play either gender, should they wish

Example of How to Read These Listings

Character Name          M/F (whether the character is male or female on stage, or either)          Character description
             # of songs character is in     whether there are any solo sung lines or duets   

**Note: In Rovainen Musicals productions, girls and boys can play either girls or boys, as they wish. For example, a boy could audition for Sita and a girl for Ravana.


Rama          M          The character around whom the action centers.  Becomes king, exiled, attempts to rescue Sita
              In parts of 3 songs    short duet and solo  

Lakshmana   M    Rama's war-like brother who accompanies Rama and Sita to forest; helps Rama rescue Sita
              In parts of 2-3 songs   some solo parts      

Vibishina       M/F       Ravana's brother/sister who urges caution, comforts Sita, and ultimately defects to Rama's side
              In two songs     One short solo;   one very challenging and long solo song         

Hanuman           M   Monkey king who helps Rama and Lakshmana rescue Sita
              In two songs              solos during both songs  

Sita              F   Declines suitors until marrying Rama, exiled with him; kidnapped by demon king
               In parts of 2 songs    one short solo, one medium solo  

small - Medium Lead parts

Surphanakha Demon Form   F    Ravana's sister who attempts to lure Rama into marrying her; riles Ravana up to kidnap Sita
               One song          solo during this song         

Ravana--Head #5    M/F   This is the demon who kidnaps Sita. He is usually in his ten-headed form but occasionally is singular. 
         15 lines             In 3 songs                    solo in one song 16 sung lines

Ravana--Head #6    M/F      Demon head with some speaking lines  
                (Sings in a group song)

Surphanakha Human Form   F    Ravana's sister's human form when she tries to get Rama to marry her
                No singing

Janaka              M       Sita's father         
               No singing

Dasaratha           M    Rama's father
                In one song          a few solo lines in that song         

Sumanthra  M/F    Rama's father's minister    [this is a medium part if we do the song Love Just Makes Things Worse]
                In one-three songs        Potential solo singing in Na Jane   

Viswamithra     M/F    Rama's father's minister
                In one song 

Kausayla               F     Rama's mother
                In one song   Na Jane   solo

individual parts  (in one scene and/or a few spoken lines

Janaka's Steward               M/F       Introduces Bowlifters    5 spoken lines

Human Narrator     A few spoken lines

Bowlifters              Try to impress King Janaka with their strength, but fail

Group Parts

Not everyone wants to have a lead part; and some students who try for lead parts might not be selected for them. All students (save the five main leads) in the theater club play in one or more group parts.

CAST PARTS  (Inspirations Theater picks who plays these roles)

Ravana's heads                M/F      Parts of the 10-headed demon king.   On stage most times Ravana is
               A spoken line each                   In one songs    

Na Jane Chorus            M/F         Help sing a challenging song in the play  

Sita's Demon Tormentors            M/F           Try to persuade Sita to marry Ravana
        Some of have one spoken line               In one song                 20 sung lines


Human or Demon Narrators                Help sing the first song in the play The Ramayana

Ayodhyan Villagers                            Take part in the Bazaar Song

Demon Rakshasas or Monkeys         All take part in the War Song. Demons sing in You Need A Wife, Monkeys in Bridge Song and I Am Hanuman


Sita's Servants            M/F    Try to persuade Sita to marry some of her various suitors     Sing the song You Should Marry

Dasaratha's Court      M/F    Tell Rama how to be king in song How To Be King