Siblings summer theater Camp Enrollment

This enrollment page is for families who have already enrolled one child in our summer theater camps, and are using this shorter form for enrolling additional children. If you are enrolling in theater camp but have not yet filled out the longer form for your first child, please click on one of the purple buttons above (first-time camp families or returning camp families).

Important:  When you have filled out the form in its entirety,
please press the black "submit" button and look for
the enrollment received confirmation message to appear just below the form.
Only then proceed to fill out any medical or financial forms, or leave this page.

If you leave this page before submitting the form, OR try to fill out
the medical form / contribution form before getting that confirmation message,
  your enrollment will not have been registered. 

** When filling out this form Press 'Tab' or click on the next box to proceed; hitting 'return' will cause the form to submit prematurely. 



Required fields have a star* next to the words above the white boxes

* Name of Child *
* Name of Child
* Date of Birth *
* Date of Birth
* T-shirt Size *
Please send us your preferred T-shirt size among the options listed
* Please Check the Appropriate Camp *
* Script Preference *
Scripts for the summer shows are available come early May. Please let us know your script preference for this child (which can be different than a sibling)
* Music Preference *
Let us know how you would like your child to receive the music for the play. Cd's, mp3's, and sheet music will all be ready come early May.
* Casting: Gender Preferences *
At Inspirations Theater we are open to respecting gender preferences for the characters your child plays onstage. Please indicate your child's preference below (if no preference or it doesn't matter, please mark 'cast as any gender onstage') If you have any other casting considerations, please send those to us in an email after registering.
Is your child interested in being considered for a lead role (age limits above)? 90% of lead parts require solo singing. Lead casting is done in late April and early May in person or by phone. Please mark Yes (my child would like being considered for a lead role), No (my child would prefer group roles or smaller parts), or See Comments if more explanation is needed. You can explain in the 'Additional Comments' section, and if we need clarification we will call you.
Would your child aged 10-14 like to be considered to play an understudy for one of the ~11 larger lead parts in Midsummer Night's Dream? Understudies fill in for students cast in those lead roles should the leads be sick or absent at the performances. Understudies need to memorize that character's songs, and either be able to read that character's lines quickly from a script onstage or memorize the lines. Being considered for an understudy role does not affect a child's chances of being cast in a lead role in the play.
For our 3-week Oregon camp, Vermont camp, and Oregon High School Production, in addition to their role(s) onstage, students can play in our orchestra. Orchestra is for students who can read sheet music at an intermediate level or better and can play fluently in at least seven key signatures.
If your child has exceptional needs that would require persistent one-on-one attention, Inspirations Camp staff may not be able to accommodate all of your applicant's needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Our Oregon camp days end at either 2:30 (3-week camp) or 1:15 (July 1-5 camp). For parents with schedules that make those pick-up challenging, we offer aftercare for $8 an hour / $15 a day from the end of the camp day to as late as 3:30 (July 1-5 camp) or 4:30 (July 8 - 27 camp). Do you anticipate needing aftercare on a regular basis?
I have read and understand the camp Electronics Policy, and will have my child abide by this policy throughout his/her time at camp [link to policy at bottom of webpage]
I affirm that I have had any questions answered that I need to about camp via this website or camp staff. I will be paying tuition within the ranges listed either within a week of this registration or on the first day of camp (unless Inspirations Theater and I come to a different, mutually agreed upon arrangement in writing). I am ready to enroll

** Before proceeding, leaving this page, or clicking any of the buttons below, make sure you pressed the black 'submit' button above. If successful, the form will have disappeared and a small confirmation message taken its place **

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For your child to attend camp, we will need

  • Enrollment Form (filled out above)

  • Medical Release/ Child Pick-Up Form (link below) This form can be mailed in or brought on the first day of camp.

  • Either received payment in full, been notified that payment will be coming the first day of camp, or you and Inspirations Camp have arrived at a mutually agreed tuition reduction / payment plan, in writing.

Below, you can

-- download the medical form / photo release / pick-up authorization to print, and bring it with you the first day of camp. 
            *** We can not admit any children to camp who do not have a completed medical form.
-- go to the camp contribution page, where you can pay your tuition online, or get address and other information for a payment by check.