Camp Staff  Portland Oregon / Vermont 2014

  • Here you'll find People who love Kids and Theater

The staff at Inspirations Youth Theater Camps are dedicated to three things:

Vermont staff lead a warm-up exercise backstage before a performance

Vermont staff lead a warm-up exercise backstage before a performance

  • The kids and their camp experience
  • Theater as a lively, dynamic art
  • Having FUN!

Our staff are confident, motivated, and theatrically gifted. They are here to help make your child's camp experience more interesting, fun, and where appropriate for that particular child, challenging, so that children can take their next step in theatrical expression.

Each camp has a: 

  • Director, overseeing all camp operations and directing many of the scenes 
  • Full-time staff (ranging from singing specialists to counselors), who help with theater workshops, singing classes, coaching groups and individuals, and helping the performance run smoothly, and
  • A range of part-time staff, such as afternoon art coordinators, set builders, costume specialists, etc.. Part-time staff are a mix of paid staff and volunteers.

Torsti Rovainen, Director: Portland & Vermont camps

As director, Torsti Rovainen organizes and oversees all camp operations; directs and choreographs scenes for the play; schedules rehearsals; leads theater workshops and activities; supports and directs camp staff; and acts as the primary parent liaison before and during camp. Torsti is very happy to offer Inspirations Theater Camps as a place for children and adults to come together to create a special theater and community experience. 

Read more about Director Torsti here

Jeremy Sloan, portland oregon Camp Singing Specialist

Jeremy Sloan has been blessed to work in such a vibrant theater community for over 15 years! Jeremy received his Bachelor of Arts in Music and Theater from Portland State University and has worked with a multitude of theater companies in Oregon. He has been seen on the stages of Broadway Rose Theater Company, Lakewood Theater Company, Staged! Musical Theater, Stumptown Stages, Opera Theater Oregon, Portland Opera and others. His favorite roles include Frankie in Plaid Tidings, Feuilly in Les Miserables, Charlie Brown in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and Nanki-poo in The Mikado. Jeremy is a singer, dancer, actor and director. The past four summers he has played the Prince in the children’s productions with Broadway Rose and is excited about working on the musical this summer at Inspirations Camp with the campers. By day he works for Portland Public Schools as an assistant trainer on the Autism Team for Special Education. He loves working with a variety of students and schools in the Portland area. When he is not at work, he can be found walking his dogs, Joli and McKenzie, around downtown Portland, or on sunny days, sitting at an outdoor café with friends enjoying sunny weather.

Darlene Sorensen, Portland Oregon Camp Acting Specialist

Darlene Sorensen truly believes that “all the world is a stage.” Playing is one of her greatest passions, whether it is through theater, dance, or in the routine of daily life. Darlene holds a B.F.A in Theatre and an M.A. in counseling psychology—emphasis in drama therapy. She has over 20 years experience performing in a variety of venues. She has facilitated improv workshops and drama therapy for life skills enhancement, personal growth, customer service skills, performance and just plain fun. Darlene loves dance, reading, experimenting with cooking and rarely finds life boring (with the exception of tax receipt organizing). She is blessed with a daughter and partner, who fill her life with joy, depth and laughter.

Anya Wilson, portland oregon Aftercare and Art Coordinator

Anya Wilson grew up on a small farm outside of Monmouth, Oregon. She has lived abroad in Thailand, Mexico, France and Switzerland, teaching and studying. She has a M.A. in education and a degree in Waldorf pedagogy. Most recently, she has been living in Switzerland, studying anthroposophy and painting. She enjoys teaching, cultivating food, being with animals and loves artistic environments. 

Carey Gunn, portland oregon Staff and inspirations camp Executive Assistant

Carey Gunn has experienced many aspects of Inspirations Camp for the 2014 Princess and The Pauper production. She has been the camp administrative assistant, vocalist for the musical pre-recording, kid herder and driver for recording and preview performances, and is excited to be on staff working with the kids for the camp and production. When away from camp duties, Carey enjoys time with her family, hiking with her dog Bella, singing, and learning to play the guitar.   

Bella Gunn, Camp Cheerleader (Oregon camps)

Bella Gunn, also known as Doodle, enjoys the many dress-up sessions, fashion shows, and nail painting sessions that her human sisters have her participate in. Her acting career includes playing the part of The Bride in several family backyard weddings, although truth be told, she did run from the altar once in her wedding dress and had to be chased down the street. Bella enjoys wiggling excitedly, chasing tennis balls repeatedly, rolling in mud puddles, being in the middle of things, and giving slurpee kisses. She is five years old, and is of lab and border collie heritage.


Amos Byrne has done theater since he entered grade school is excited for his first chance to direct young people. He loves expressing himself through theater and seeing all the different parts of people that come out through the parts they inhabit. Amos has done theater in school since he was diminutive in size and has also participated in various summer theater programs over the years, including four Chandler Fourth of July shows and 6 years of the Chelsea Funnery. He will be attending Champlain College in Burlington this fall to major in video game design.



Isabella "Izzi" Byrne loves both theater and working with kids, and is excited for an opportunity to do both. She believes that theater is a great way to encourage kids to come out of their comfort zone and try on different personas they wouldn't otherwise have the chance to. Izzi has performed in many school productions at Wellspring and the Sharon Academy, as well as the Get Thee to the Funnery Shakespeare camp, and Chandler Music Hall Summer Productions. She loves to read and spending time with her family and friends.


Edie Langdell is excited to work at Inspirations Camp this summer because she has always loved acting ever since her first play in fourth grade, and she can't wait to help younger kids discover how fun and exciting acting and singing can be. She loves kids and can't wait to get to know them this summer. Edie has been in a school play the past seven years. She has also gone to The Chelsea Funnery, a Shakespeare acting summer camp, for five years. Besides acting and singing, Edie enjoys dancing, drawing, painting, fashion and costume design, sewing, and cooking.

Jasmine Rosalbo can't wait to work with children this summer in Chelsea on The Princess and the Pauper. She loves music and theater, but musical theater especially. She is excited to work with kids, and to share what she knows with them, as well as listen to what they have to offer. Jasmine has been in many play and musical productions throughout her life, including a Rovainen musical during her eighth grade year at Wellspring Waldorf School. In her spare time she enjoys singing show tunes as loudly as she can, and reading. She is so happy to be able to be a part of this experience! 

Orchid Jones, Vermont Camp Staff (part-time 2nd week)

Orchid Jones has been working with children of all ages for over 12 years. Her work with children was re-inspired in 2009 when she discovered Rudolf Steiner's practical and meaningful approach to education.  She is excited to help mentor young people to become free, morally responsible and integrated individuals for cultural and spiritual renewal. She studied Waldorf education at the Michael Institute in Portland, OR and at the American Eurythmy School in Mt. Shasta, CA. She is currently starting a small in-home Waldorf preschool in Portland, OR and is looking forward to gaining more experience with children and theater with Inspirations Camp this summer in Chelsea, VT. Today, Orchid enjoys live theater better than almost anything else and has recently fallen in love with musical theater. She has experience in live theater improvisation and has recently performed in a production of As You Like It by William Shakespeare as well as numerous performances in the art of eurythmy. When Orchid was between the ages of 8 and 10 she participated in productions of Little Orphan Annie, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast with the Marin Children's Theater Company in her hometown of San Rafael, CA.