How Casting Will Work

Students in grades 5 and up who wish to be considered for leads will

  • Sign up for a phone slot on Saturday March 3rd or Sunday March 4th  
  • Prepare a 30-60 second song to be sung over the phone (if the character they are considering has a solo or duet)
  • Be given a quick vocal range test over the phone to determine highest and lowest voice range
  • Share with me what roles they believe they'd enjoy or like to be considered for, including any roles that they wouldn't want to do

Once the casting picture is complete I will notify parents via email, and the kids at the club.

Lead Parts, Group Roles, and Smaller Individual Parts

In mid-February we will post a list of the parts for The Princess and the Pauper. For the larger parts, it also will list

  • the relative size of the spoken part for that character: small, medium, or large (S, M, L)
  • The number of songs
  • Whether the songs are solo, duet, or group.
  • A little bit about each character
  • The gender on stage of the character, or whether that is flexible. For the casting, either boys or girls can be considered to play either gender, should they wish

Please have your child review these parts and the script as they consider which lead role(s) they'd like to be considered for.


Example for How to Read These Listings

Character          M/F (whether the character is male or female on stage, or either)          Character description
         Size of spoken part (S, M, L)    # of songs character is in     whether there are any solo sung lines or duets    

**Note: In Rovainen Musicals productions, girls and boys can play either girls or boys, as they wish. A boy could audition for the Mother and a girl for Henry VIII

Larger / Medium Lead Parts

NOTE:  Some of the lead parts may be split over the show's length


-- The Pauper Rachel  F    A girl who grew up in the slums finds herself caught in the royal castle, and everyone thinks her to be the true princess of the land.       Large   3 Songs       Solos, duet

-- The Princess Rose   F     Rose enjoys her comforts but longs for a different way of life, and ends up getting more than she bargained for when she is caught in London's slums, with seemingly no way to regain entrance to the castle.   Large   3 Songs  Solos, duet

-- Bridget    F     Rachel's best friend, ends up teaching Princess Rose how to survive in London's slums and sharing her adventure of how to get back into the castle.   Medium/Large   2 songs  solos, duet

-- King Henry VIII   M   Bombastic, proud, boastful, shallow, funny: father of Rose and King of England
                       Medium    2 songs   solos, group

-- Rachel's Mother   F  Caring but beaten down by life, Rachel's Mother tries to do her best for her daughter. 
                       Medium   2 songs  solos, duet                     

-- Hertford / Rowland (2 Characters)  M & M
     Advisors to Henry VIII and the ones charged to oversee Rose's well-being. Get greatly flummoxed after Rachel and Rose switch, as they can't figure out the new behavior and are worried what the king will think.
                       Medium   Both 1 group song; for Rowland one solo song

Possible Group Parts for Students Grades 4 and up

Ministers  M/F      The castle's ministers and King Henry's advisors
         In two songs         Group singing

Possible Group Parts for Students Grades 2 and up

Urchins                  M/F        street-savvy youth who beg and steal for a living
         S            In two songs            

Servants                  M/F        Servants in the royal palace
         S            In two songs

Ruffians                  M/F       Outlaws in the forest who help Rose attempt to regain the throne
         S            In one song


Smaller Individual Parts / Special Group Parts  

This play has some parts that are 0 - 10 lines, either spoken or sung (characters with no individual spoken lines nonetheless have some acting on stage). Most of these would be played in addition to group parts that a child had, and most are open to students Grades 2 - 8, with priority to those in grades 4 - 8. 

M/F shows the gender onstage for the character, but can be played by anyone.

Brinley, Bromley, and Thorpe     M/F    Ruffians in the forest
John, Rachel's Stepfather   M   A wicked man who sends children out into the streets to beg, then takes the money they earn.
Cook       M/F    King Henry's Cook   sings ~6 solo lines in a song
Castle Guard  M/F   a few spoken lines
Beggar    M/F     no lines
Oliver Cromwell    M   Henry's former advisor, now in prison
Two People in Stocks    M/F     a few sung lines each     
Two Aristocrats    
M/F   a line or two sung each
Wives of Henry VIII   no spoken lines