Testimonials from our 2014 camps
Oregon and Vermont

— Child and Parent Experience
— The Songs, The Show, The Performances
— Oregon Camp Staff
— Vermont Camp Staff

Child & Parent Experience

"The camp's lasting impact is that our children sing the songs when they are in the car, getting ready for bed, and walking to school. I'll put on the CD when our daughter is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, and her tears and whining turn to song. It's that magical. THANK YOU!"

"I really enjoyed watching my child grow into theater camp. Through the support I saw her really blossom."

"I was amazed at how enthusiastic my child was about the new theater games he learned—he loved them and shared them with the family."

"Each performer seemed challenged at their own level."

"Inspirations Theater camp taught our children (and me!) that anything is possible. Whatever doubt they may have had in their ability to remember lines, sing on stage, or perform for others vanished. Doubt was replaced with confidence and a heightened optimism about the power of working together on a common goal. More practically speaking, they deepened their love of song and story." 

"It was wonderful to witness our daughter's increasing engagement as she participated among a mixed-age group that allowed for each other's strength's & challenges, all working toward a harmonious goal. Both the playful process & final performance showed the meaningful magic that Torsti & crew brought to this camp. Count us in for the next session, please!"

"My child got some help with her singing which made a noticeable difference—she learned some new voice skills."

"Torsti is an artisan. Each word, melody, scene and interaction is crafted with loving intention. Was this camp a great way for my daughter to spend her July and stretch herself theatrically? Yes, and if that were all we got out of the experience, I would be more than satisfied. How this camp actually occurred for us was as a transformation of being. These students stepped into a world of imagination with fun, thoughtful, professional guides and met aspects of themselves and each other they didn't know existed. They came out satisfied, alive, and confident. What a gift!"

Thanks so much for bringing this level of theatrical performance to our community & children—it was the highlight of our child’s year!

"We parents enjoyed seeing our child so fully embody her character and we enjoyed all of the children's acting individually and collectively."

[From a child at camp] "I thought the theater games were very fun. I liked them all."

"My child was very proud of creating her own costume."

"We were very pleased that our child had so much fun at camp. He wants to go again next year."

Our experience with your camp,
while living up to its name,
exceeded all expectations.

"My child loved camp. I felt she was taken care of well."

"Being a part of such a fantastic performance was magical for our child; so much so that we put a photo album together of camp to have as a memento. As a parent, I really like that every child was given the chance to shine; sharing roles was a brilliant way to give everyone extra time "on stage." It was wonderful to see that during the play, the children seemed truly joyful and comfortable in their performances, clearly a result of the camp staff's hard work to make everyone feel at ease."

The Songs, The Show, The Performances

"100%  Oh my goodness, we're still singing the songs two months later!"

"This show was deep and complex, while also feeling light-hearted. Something for everyone!"

"It's three weeks after camp finished, and my two children and two others from the camp are out in front of our house right now working on a cob bread oven. They are singing Forgive Me (a song from the 2014 musical) at the top of their lungs."

"The songs were perfect and highly engaging and educational—you wouldn't believe the conversations they inspired—and we still listen to and sing them all the time for the fun of it"

"Excellent—my (teenaged) child told me recently that she has been thinking more about class difference and homelessness since the show The Princess and the Pauper."

"The best part of the show was the music—we still listen to the songs!"

"The songs seemed very enjoyable and also moving, especially the knight scene and King Henry's dying scene."

"Oh my King Henry spoke so well to the adult audience—very funny and nice historical humor."

"Thanks for helping to provide such a great childhood moment."   :)

"Princess and the Pauper is unbelievably wonderful. The greatest highlight: the songs. Funny, moving, catchy, sophisticated."

"I felt the roles were well-cast and varied—enjoyable for the kids. The storyline was engaging, compelling and complex."

"My child is still singing and humming songs from the show."

"Thanks for helping to provide such a great childhood moment."   :)

[From a child at camp] "I thought the songs were very creative and interesting."

"The story was perfect—humor, love, honor, loyalty, inner turmoil, and learning to love yourself."

"I appreciated the story of the Princess and the Pauper and its message. I also appreciated how it was able to come to life so beautifully in the show. A true gift for the actors as well as the audience."

Oregon Camp Staff

"Everyone really helped my child—she really benefitted from being in the show."

"Carey Gunn was quite open {to me} and easy to approach, usually giving a smile and easy to converse with. What struck me as magnificent was her unshakable positivity backstage. Throughout the chaos, she had a quite calm front, which adds wonderfully to the atmosphere."

"Jeremy Sloan was kind and quite open to conversation and joking. Very enjoyable being in his presence and I felt relaxed. I love how he interacted with the kids. I felt this was sometimes appropriately firm in a fatherly way."

"Darlene Sorensen was very warm to me, and backstage [as stage manager] she was the essential go-to lady—I'm so thankful for that!"


"Anya Wilson brought both direction and an open environment to the art classes. The kids seemed to really enjoy the creations they made!"

"My impression of Torsti Rovainen is that he is 100% committed to the kids, their needs, their growth potential, and these theater skills as a tool of an expression and joy."

Vermont Camp Staff

[From a camper] "Jasmine Rosalbo gave me helpful feedback about my acting and singing."

"Edie Langdell was kind, and really focused on the kids and the play. She did a -wonderful- job backstage!"

"The younger campers seemed to love Izzi Byrne and cling to her a lot—which she dealt with very well! My child definitely looked up to and admired Izzi--nice and good teacher. She had a very calm presence."

"Amos Byrne brought a lot of fun to camp! My child enjoyed being around him."

"Torsti Rovainen showed great humor, patience, presence. I am so impressed with his groundedness and his ability to attract such an equally talented and wonderful staff. He had a huge task and responsibility, and carried it out quite well, also a professionalism in interacting with kids and staff."


It's a great time here at Inspirations Theater Camp!

It's a great time here at Inspirations Theater Camp!

Okay, one for the cameras...

Okay, one for the cameras...

...And one for ourselves!

...And one for ourselves!