We write original musicals for our participants

    — See the Praise we've gotten over the years
    from kids, parents, and audience members.

How do we make it all work?

  1. We create characters in the show that are fun, lively, and challenging for our actors to play.

  2. We write shows that are dynamic, engaging and a hoot for both children and adults (See Praise: Performances).

  3. We make sure the dialogue and action are age-appropriate for our student performers (and this does not mean watering down the challenge of either the content or the songs).

  4. We create music and songs that are
    —fitting for the play's setting,
    —cohesive throughout the play,
    —varied enough to have something for everyone, and
    —high enough quality that both children and adults will want to hear or sing the songs again (See Praise: Songs)

  5. We strive to make a show that has enough substance as a musical so that adult performers could enjoy acting in and performing this show as much as younger people.

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