The sultan, the secret, and the witch
2019 summer show for all programs

A girl’s mother is kidnapped by soldiers from an oppressive empire. The Girl seeks to find and rescue her mother while keeping three secrets. On her way, local townsfolk, pirates, an evil sultan, and a witch all try to wrest the secrets from her. The story follows her adventures as she strives to keep her secrets even in high adversity, and prevent a war between the sultan and the innocents the Sultan is targeting.

Originally performed in 2008, the show (then titled The Boy Who Kept A Secret) got a major upgrade in 2015, with all-new songs, characters, and a mostly new storyline. The 2019 version is a modification of the 2015 show. The musical is loosely based on the Hungarian folk tale The Boy Who Kept A Secret.

2008 Authors: Craig Byrne, Myra Hudson, Jen Nelson, Torsti Rovainen; 2015 and 2019 updates by Torsti Rovainen

Songs / Orchestrations: Torsti Rovainen

Torsti is an exceptionally talented composer and arranger of music. I had the pleasure of working with him on several all-school musicals for which he composed and arranged the music. The end result of each was extremely high caliber and polished. Most of all, Torsti can create beautiful songs that can bring the whole range of human emotion: laughter, courage, sympathy, sorrow.
— Jen Nelson, Parent, Co-Teachers, and Orchestra Member

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