Child Experience

My kids have had the good fortune to be a part of several of the musicals. Even when they were younger and just part of the chorus, the opportunity to be a part of such a high-quality, exciting production was truly special to them and they will cherish that experience for years to come!
— Margaret Loftus, Camp Parent
He organizes his support people well and keeps the kids smiling the whole time.
— Rob Rinaldi, Camp Parent
You helped us create this wonderful play, we’ve had with you many extraordinary days, and we hope you have a wonderful May; so thank you, we admire you.
— 5th/6th Grade Participants from The Boy Who Kept A Secret: [they wrote this to fit a tune from the play]
Yay, we did it!—and it totally rocked my sox, thanx!
— Anna Snipes, 8th Grade Participant
The camp’s lasting impact is that our children sing the songs when they are in the car, getting ready for bed, and walking to school. I’ll put on the CD when our daughter is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, and her tears and whining turn to song. It’s that magical. THANK YOU!
— 2014 Camp Parent
My kids have been involved with numerous productions and the results (on their faces and the audiences response) is always the same—pure joy.
— Rob Rinaldi, Camp Parent
When I worked with him in 8th grade for Midsummer Night’s Dream he made it fun for me and everyone!
— Cait Mazzarella, 8th Grade Participant
Mr. Rovainen did a great job making the musical The Boy Who Kept A Secret happen! I’m so sorry I can’t be here next year.
— Isabella Galdone, 8th Grade Participant
For me, watching the Ramayana revealed incredible talents from students who appeared to be wallflowers in their day to day activities, but once on stage were belting out beautiful music. You could see the confidence bursting in these children as they performed.
— Heidi Goodrich, Audience Member
Torsti has a creative gift for storytelling, melodic invention and cohesive musical arrangements that express the heart of a subject. I am lucky to have been a musical collaborator with him, but my greater fortune was having Torsti be the musical director/creator for all three of my children for the Wellspring musicals.
— Josh Stumpff, Parent & Local High School Band Director
I liked you.
— 4th grade Participant from The Boy Who Kept A Secret
I was amazed at how enthusiastic my child was about the new theater games he learned—he loved them and shared them with the family.
— 2014 Camp Parent
Torsti is dedicated to not only producing a fabulous performance, but to cultivating a meaningful and unforgettable experience for the entire cast.
— Myra Hudson, Audience Member
My kids always had great fun with your musicals It was amazing how you were able to take such a large group of children with a wide range of ages and find a role that worked for everyone.
— Wendy Palthey, Parent
There are few things as exciting for children as being part of a singing, dancing and acting extravaganza. Torsti Rovainen has the ability to make this experience come alive for young people. He’s an able composer of kid friendly lyrics and music, and an experienced dramatic coach and director who can lead children through games and exercises to a final performance. As a teacher I was part of seeing this magical world unfold for both young children and middle schoolers alike and it was as much fun for the adults as it was for children.
— Judy Tharinger, Co-Teacher and Stage Manager
Having the students experience this level of craftsmanship was extraordinary and made a lasting impression. And the kids had FUN!
— Jen Nelson, Parent, Co-Teacher, & Orchestra Member