Torsti as Teacher / Director

While watching rehearsals I was struck by his ability to engage young people and encourage them to be the best they can be. His depth and understanding of music coupled with his energy and enthusiasm is a dynamic experience for aspiring actors and musicians. I am thrilled that Torsti is offering a musical summer camp for young people.
— Madelaine Daniel Wigglesworth, Parent
Torsti has the unique gift of being a talented musical theatrical writer and director AND still manages to make everyone around him have a great time. It seems, sometimes from thin air, Torsti is able to write, orchestrate, and direct a performance from beginning to end.
— Rob Rinaldi, Parent
Torsti is a great director and composer, and his work is amazing and creative! He is direct and is accepting of others’ ideas and preferences.
— Cait Mazzarella, 8th Grade Musical Participant
I’ll quote my husband when he saw Torsti conducting the Ramayana: ‘This is what it must have been like to watch Mozart conduct.’ I swear I am not making that up.
— Tracy Gillespie, Parent & Orchestra member
Torsti directs children with a rare energy: 1st and 8th graders alike are completely captivated and engaged by his direction.
— Myra Hudson, Class Teacher
Torsti showed great humor, patience, presence. I am so impressed with his groundedness and his ability to attract such an equally talented and wonderful staff.
— 2014 Camp Parent
This is amazing musical theater. Every aspect of these productions are high quality. The songs are wonderful—creative, tuneful and lively. The directing of the students is inspired. The original scripts are cohesive and clever. Director Torsti’s ability to work with any and all age groups is impressive. Above all, he can make putting on a musical in this way a joyous occasion for all the cast and crew.
— Kate Winslow, Class Teacher & Orchestra Member
(Photo courtesy of Tim Calabro / The Herald of Randolph)

(Photo courtesy of Tim Calabro / The Herald of Randolph)

My impression of Torsti is that he is 100% committed to the kids, their needs, their growth potential, and these theater skills as a tool of an expression and joy.
— 2014 Camp Parent
Anyone who has the opportunity to experience this musical master first-hand is fortunate indeed.
— Jen Nelson, Parent, Co-Teacher, Orchestra Member
Torsti has an energy and enthusiasm for the love of music and theater that is palpable and contagious.
— 2014 Camp Parent