A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Script adapted and abridged from (primarily) Second Quarto; Musical lyrics, composition, and orchestrations by Torsti Rovainen.  Many song lyrics are directly from Shakespeare's play.

A musical adaptation of William Shakespeare's play of the same name. Two couples enter the woods hoping to cross them and marry in secret away from the prying eyes of the local duke; however, upon entering the woods they are separated, and in turn bewitched by competing bands of faeries. Also in the woods that night are a group of the town's craftspeople, rehearsing for a show for the duke. In the night, one of these craftsfolk is transformed into the likeness of an animal, and the faerie queen put under a spell to fall in love with him. We see how this all works out, ending with Shakespeare's delightful play-within-a-play performed by the mechanicals / craftsfolk.

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    2 fairies MSND.jpg