The Performances

I am not engaging in hyperbole when reporting that this performance was one of the most enjoyable arts presentations I’ve seen in years. A herd of little wooden sword-wielding soldiers with stars in their eyes is every bit as convincing as anything in a Hollywood movie, if you allow your imagination to be drawn into the story. These children entered into a fictional place where they lived for several hours with enthusiasm and authenticity—totally alive and convincing. They took the entire theater with them. When actors can do that, on Broadway or in Chelsea Vermont’s Town Hall, the audience is in for a rare and wonderful treat.
— Steve Nelson, Head of Calhoun School in New York; excerpt from article in the Valley News May 2008 “Who Needs The Great White Way When There's Chelsea?"

The Ramayana 2012

The play was excellent. The kids did a great job, and the music was delightful.
— Bonnie Johnson, Parent
We loved this play! We brought grandparents to the play, and they were extremely impressed. The music and lyrics for the songs were fun, catchy, witty, and beautiful. I had a third-grader in the play, and she sang her songs so much that her little sister and I learned the songs, too, and wanted to sing them. We could imagine this play doing well on Broadway!
— Jenny Davis, Camp Parent
Torsti is one of the few artists/teachers that writes for both children and adults simultaneously (a la Jim Henson style), and at the end of these performances, audience members leave singing the songs, tapping their toes, and feeling great about life and community. The man’s got heart, and his work will remind you that you’ve got one too!
— Cory Waletzko, Audience Member
As an audience member, watching your productions was a lot more enjoyable then the average school-aged play. Considering your budget was always very tight, the quality of the whole performance was always top rate.
— Wendy Palthey, Parent
My son Zack was in kindergarten when the show was produced—he watched two whole performances without blinking an eye—he was mesmerized—amazing for a boy who doesn’t like to sit! His sister, a first grader when in the show, taught him all the songs.
— Alyson Mahony, Parent
I appreciated the story of the Princess and the Pauper and its message. I also appreciated how it was able to come to life so beautifully in the show. A true gift for the actors as well as the audience.
— 2014 Camp Parent
The experience of working together as a whole community of young people with such fantastic music and dedication on Torsti’s part has a permanent place in our family’s heart and memory.
— Alyson Mahony, Parent
At the core of all Torsti does is creative expression, purposeful work, and positive character development. Using his intelligence and intuition Torsti crafted plays for our community that combined wit and humor, archetypes, history, musical expression and FUN to make a wonderful experience for our children. We were all blessed to have him in this role.
— Josh Stumpff, Parent & Local High School Band Director
Torsti Rovainen is a creative powerhouse! I attended many of the shows he composed and directed in Chelsea, VT, and was blown away by the combination of talent, humor, sophistication and whimsy that define his work.
— Cory Waletzko, Audience Member
The Princess and the Pauper was deep and complex, while also feeling light-hearted. Something for everyone!
— 2014 Camp Parent