The Princess and the Pauper 

Fantastic! Actually, miraculous. The Princess and the Pauper feels contemporary, moral, and filled with humor. Some songs are funny, for both adults and children; others are complex and beautifully emotional. King Henry VIII’s song is golden and hilarious.
— Virginia Berg, Waldorf grades teacher

Switched Identities. Grand Adventures. And you've never met a king like Henry VIII.

Our show is based on Mark Twain's 1881 book The Prince and the Pauper. In 1500's London, a poor girl and the crown princess swap roles for fun, but by accident the princess ends up outside the castle gates. Dressed as a poor child she can not get back in, while the poor child is trapped in the castle, afraid to confess who she is, as the penalty for impersonating royalty is death.

Each has adventures as they attempt to adapt to their new environment. Soon the king dies, making the pauper Rachel the next queen-to-be. Princess Rose escapes the slums to the English countryside, where with a group of bandits she plots how to gain entrance to the castle, and Rachel sees whether she has the courage to reveal herself for who she really is. We end with the Ruffians' infiltration of the castle, and see whether these two can or will switch back to their original roles.