The Songs

What I remember most is the beautiful melodies you wrote. The acid test for these was that on car rides, my daughter and her friends would sing them in the back seat over and over again.
— Kenneth Borie, Parent
The music was beautiful, complex and emotionally appealing.
— Madelaine Daniel Wigglesworth, Parent
Torsti is an exceptionally talented composer and arranger of music. I had the pleasure of working with him on several all-school musicals for which he composed and arranged the music. The end result of each was extremely high caliber and polished. Most of all, Torsti can create beautiful songs that can bring the whole range of human emotion: laughter, courage, sympathy, sorrow.
— Jen Nelson, Parent, Co-Teacher, & Orchestra Member
The music is absolutely out of this world. It’s Broadway caliber...the songs are fun, cute, and spunky. Some are challenging, and some are sappy romantic. It’s quite wonderful.
— From an article in the Randolph Herald May 2012
The music in this performance was delightful, far more tuneful and arguably more charmingly than most songs one might hear on or off Broadway. There were allusions to Hungarian folk melodies and dances and wonderfully crafted lyrics. This for a group of K-8th graders in the small town of Chelsea, Vermont!
— Steve Nelson, Head of Calhoun School in New York; excerpt from article in the Valley News May 2008 “Who Needs The Great White Way When There's Chelsea?"
Just the other day my kids were singing songs from the Ramayana - luckily I love the music as well because they sing these songs on and on! We have the CD, it is still played, the songs still sung and some of the performances acted out.
— Alyson Mahony, Parent
Torsti’s shows hit all the benchmarks of top-notch musical theater! You’ll find the full spectrum; tender, spine-tingling solos, toe-tapping choreography, masterfully layered choral pieces and numbers that will have you doubled over in laughter.
— Myra Hudson, Audience Member
This was our family’s first youth musical experience. We were amazed at the production and especially the music. The kids performed the songs beautifully, and my young children and I wanted to sing these songs for weeks after the play ended.
— Jenny Davis, Parent
The tunes were fun and my daughter would always be singing the whole score all the way through at home.
— Wendy Palthey, Parent