Praise for the Princess and the Pauper

Fantastic! Actually, miraculous. It feels contemporary, moral, and filled with humor. Some songs are funny, for both adults and children; others are complex and beautifully emotional. King Henry VIII’s song is golden and hilarious.
— Virginia Berg, 3rd Grade Teacher
I absolutely loved the script, the characters are easy to connect with and I think it is something that all ages would like watching or performing! My personal favorite character is the very comical King Henry and his many wives when they are all singing together.
— Chloe King, Past Performer; aged 15
It feels the end is just right—timely—and yet there is a feeling of still wanting more—everyone in the room seemed to want more! Hoorah! Humor! Feel Good! Intelligent! Good Message! Masterful!
— Orchid Jones, Read-Through Audience Member
The Princess & the Pauper is awesome!!! The songs are...fantastic.
— Shanthi Klein-Balajee, aged 11
The characters in the show are diverse enough that there is somebody that everyone can connect to. The show has catchy tunes, as well!
— Stuart Watson, Read-Through Audience member
The rendition of the prince and the pauper that Torsti has so brilliantly designed moved me on many levels, including the music. I felt the music that he created and scored was so well done, and full of aliveness.
— Chad Bliss, Read-Through Audience Member
The play within the play, The Fox and the brilliant...need I say more?
— Orchid Jones, Read-Through Audience Member