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Casting -- high school camp


Inspirations Camps and Clubs exist to give youth a camp and theater experience that is right for their age group.  We spend over 2000 hours per show crafting an original, full-length musical that we believe will meet them well, full of age-appropriate action, drama, humor, and songs. The young people take these shows on and put on an amazing performance.

Can young people really do this?

Having worked in youth productions the past ~seven years, we have seen time and time again the acting ability, dedication, and memorization skills that children can bring—if given the chance. Here at Inspirations Camps we give these younger students the chance to step up to the roles that we feel they are truly capable of.


Our goals and considerations for our actoRS -- LEAD PARTS

If a 14-18 year old wishes to be considered for a larger part or solo song in our camps, they have an audition in the first few weeks of May. Those who are selected for a lead part are expected to have all of their songs and lines memorized by the first day of camp, and to have begun some character exploration over the summer (how the character walks, talks, relates to others, and some ideas for how they'll act in the scenes).

supporting roles

Many of our actors will play supporting roles (some lead actors also will play additional characters with smaller parts). Actors cast in supporting roles are expected to learn their lines and songs by the first day of camp, and to have given some thought to how they'll act these characters on stage. No audition required unless it is for a singing chorus that has difficult parts.