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Enrolled families in the Inspirations 2019 theater club

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The Princess and the Pauper


While we encourage folks to download all the music for their kids, as the music tells a story, you are also welcome just to download the songs that your kid will be singing in. Tracks near the bottom are either bonus tracks or different versions—see notes there.

1) Overture (instrumental)

2) Streets and Palace (called Intro Song in the script) Everyone sings in places in this song

3) Palace-Slums (short instrumental)

4) All I Can Be Rachel

5) What I Would Do Mother

6) She’s Mad Everyone in parts save Rachel and Rose [this version is the longer version with instrumentals between verses; near the end of the list is the pared-down rehearsal version with only the sung portions]

7) Rich/Poor Rachel and Rose

8) Beggar’s Creed Bridget and Urchins

9) Out There Alone Rose

10) England’s Finest Knights

11) England Shall Be Known Henry, Everyone

12) Forgive Me Henry [this version is longer than the one in the script; follow the script for the lines Henry sings]

13) Our New Queen etc. Part 1 Ministers

14) Our New Queen etc. Part 2 Rachel, Ministers, a few Lawyers

14) Rich/Poor Reprise Rachel

15) Virtue and Vice Ruffians

16) But You Turned Away / What I Would Do Reprise / Forgive Me Reprise Mother, Rachel

17) Rich-Poor Final Reprise Rachel, Rose, Rowland

18) Finale Rose, Everyone

The next four tracks are either bonus, optional, or alternate versions

19) Mother English silly song by ruffians in longer version of the play

20) The Truth Be Found Rowland from longer version

21) She’s Mad Version without instrumentals (could be easier for rehearsals)

22) The Fox and the Hound narrated version of the play-within-a-play near the end of the show