How Casting Will Work

  • 8-14 year olds show: Students in grades 5 and up who wish to be considered for leads can go down two paths for leads:
  • 14+ Community Theater show (Vermont only): people interested in leads follow the steps below:

1) Audition for one of the four largest parts (Aphrodite, Ares, Zeus, Hero)


2) Have a casting conversation, letting us know their interests and preferences. If they are interested in parts that involve solo singing, we will ask them to have prepared a ~30 second song.

For both,

  • Sign up for timeslot (times/locations TBA in late April)
  • Prepare a 30-60 second song (if the character they are considering has a solo or duet)
  • If auditioning for any of the four parts listed above, prepare a 30-60 spoken monologue
  • Be given a quick vocal range test over the phone to determine highest and lowest voice range
  • Come prepared to share with us what roles they believe they'd enjoy or like to be considered for, including any roles that they wouldn't want to do

Once the casting picture is complete I will notify families by email.

Lead Parts, Smaller Individual Parts, and Group Roles

The listings below show

  • the relative size of the spoken part for that character: small, medium, or large (S, M, L)
  • The number of songs
  • Whether the songs are solo, duet, or group.
  • A little bit about each character
  • The gender on stage of the character, or whether that is flexible. For the casting, either boys or girls can be considered to play either gender, should they wish

Parents of campers in our 8-14 year olds' show: please review these parts with your child and the script as they consider which role(s) they'd like to be considered for

**Note: In Rovainen Musicals productions, folks can play or audition for any gender as they wish. A male could audition for Aphrodite and a female for Ares. However, regardless of gender one's singing range does influence casting for lead roles (though we can bring songs down or up an octave depending on one's gender and vocal range).

Example for How to Read These Listings

Character          M/F (whether the character is male or female on stage, or either)          Character description
             # of songs character is in     whether there are any solo sung lines or duets    

If you'd like to hear a sample of a song the character sings, click here for song samples

Larger Lead Parts

Only those prepared to put in a great deal of time and work should consider auditioning for these parts

(NOTE:  Some of these parts may be split over the show's length)

-- Aphrodite    F    Goddess of Love who tries to work for peace, dismissed by the other gods. Finds her courage and heroism to save Olympus 1 Big Song, three shorter ones / reprises Solos, duet, a few group songs

-- Zeus       M    Ruler of the Gods, full of fire, anger, and arrogance.         2 Shorter Songs    Solo, duet, 1-2 group songs

-- Hero    M/F   A demigod in training who steals Poseidon's trident, starts a war, then journeys to Hades to try to stop it
                        1 Big song, two reprises      solo, some group songs

-- Ares    M     God of War   impulsive, strong, dismissive and rude to Aphrodite. Ends up going to the Titans as a bride in disguise
                         1 short solo    A few group songs

Medium-Large Lead Parts

-- Hera  F      God of Marriage, Wife of Zeus     Loyal, submissive; supportive of Aphrodite when she can
                         a few group songs;  in longest version of show has one large solo song  How I Still Love Him

-- Heracles  M    Demigod Hero of action, conquests, and fighting. Ares' companion in arms and attitude
                         5-line solo in one song;  A few group songs

-- Athena   F    Goddess of Wisdom     speaks for justice and the wisest course
                         A few solo lines in some songs; in several group numbers

-- Hades  M     God of the Underworld Estranged brother of Zeus, oversees the dead. Witty, lawful, and dutiful
                         1-minute solo in Olympus;  two short reprises later in the play Hades and Hades Reprise

Medium Lead Parts: more focus on lines than singing

-- Artemis  F     Goddess of Hunting   Warlike, but reasoned
                     Short solo;  in several group numbers

-- Poseidon  M    God of the Sea    Estranged brother of Zeus; keeper of the Kraken
                     Short solo in song Olympus

-- Cymone  F     Demigod student, friend of Hero. Joins him in his journey to avert a war by sneaking into Titan territory
                     In several group numbers

-- Hephaestus  M     Blacksmith of the Gods    Strong, orderly, phlegmatic
                     Short solo in one song, in several group numbers

-- Hermes  M     Messenger of the Gods     Quick and dutiful
                     Short solo;  in several group numbers

TITANS (all medium parts without much singing, possibly none. Their parts are a bit bigger than some of the other medium parts)

-- Menoetius  M Titan of Anger; killed by Ares; rescued from Hades; eventual ally of Aphrodite
-- Perses  M Titan of Destruction          his brother killed by Ares; vows war on Olympus
-- Pallas  M Titan of Warfare
-- Metis  F      Titan who tries to avert war and work for peace
-- Rhea  F     Ruler of the Titans; marries the Olympian bride who is Ares in disguise

Characters who sing one big song (most are only in one-two scenes)

-- Demeter  F     Has lost her daughter Persephone to Hades, now wanders the lands in despair. Sings Come Back Persephone

-- Charon  M     Ferryman on the River Styx to Hades    Sings The Other Side

-- Daedalus / Apollo  M    Two who have lost their sons    In longest version of show sing  Son Don't Fly So High

-- The Graeae   Deino, Enyo, and Pemphredo    Three wise blind sisters who guide Hero     Sing The Graeae

Individual Parts with 5-20 lines (spoken or sung)

-- Persephone  F     Daughter of Demeter, wrongfully betrothed to Hades

-- Amphitrite  F     Wife of Poseidon

-- Jason and Alexander (the Doofs)  M     Two in a museum, make fun of Greek statues

-- Their Mother  F     Educates Jason and Alexander about the Ancient Greeks

-- Morpheus     M   God of Dreams  a few lines in School Song  (longest version of play)

-- Hypnos M  God of Sleep   a few lines in School Song       also sings ~4 solo lines in a song (longest version) 

-- Mother in Ancient Greece  F     Consults Olympic gods with a dilemma

-- Students 1-4 M/F   Demigods in Training   (are also in group student part below) 

Individual Parts with 1-2 lines

Nerites and Adonis---former suitors of Aphrodite
Prometheus--thief of Heaven's fire
Page--Makes a few announcements to the gods
Dionysus--sings a line or two in We Need A Bride

Group Parts

These group parts are either chorus parts or wordless on stage. Sometimes are lead actors double in the group parts as well, and many actors play in several group parts during the show.

Students -- Demigods in training
Olympians -- live in Olympus; sing in several group songs
Graeae Chorus
-- skulk about the Graeae's lair; help sing in the song The Graeae
Hades' Minions/Servants -- Help watch over the dead in the Underworld
Undersea Creatures  (8-14 year olds' show only)   usually our 8-9 year old campers, though older ones can join. They encounter Hero attempting to blend in underwater, and try to figure out what type of sea creature he is in the song  What in the World