The Princess and the Pauper (2019 Theater Club)
Lead / Supporting / Group Parts


Parts are listed by lead, grade, and whether they are assigned or optional. Parts with solo singing are listed as such: students interested in these parts will need to have a casting conversation by phone Saturday September 28, and prepare a ~30 second solo song of their choice. Some parts are split during the show, where one camper plays it for a portion of the show, followed by one or more other campers. Those parts have an (S) by them.

Any child can opt to be considered for any part on stage in their age range, regardless of gender. For more on casting in general click here.

Note: the parts, age ranges, and assignments listed below are for our combined schools’ show Sunday October 27th. For our in-school shows, the ages and availability ranges (usually grades 4 and up can opt for larger parts there).

Lead Parts Grades 5 and up


(S) Rachel, a Pauper               A few solos
(S) Rose, the Princess             A few solos
Bridget, friend of Rachel      A solo and a duet
King Henry VIII                     A few solos
The Pauper's Mother             Two solos
Hertford, a Minister              Some duets
Rowland, a Minister             Some duets
Brinley, Bromley, and Thorpe   --Ruffians

Individual Parts     1-15 lines
Preference to Grades 5 and up; if not filled, open to younger ages

  --Some characters in the play-within-a-play
The Fox                                   
The Hound
The Owl
The Master


--Constable, Guard, Servant(s), a few ruffians, Aristocrats, Baker, Prisoners, Ministers, Lawyers, Witch, Guard, Viscount, Narrator,

Group Parts 

Ministers (usually grades 4-8)
King Henry's Court everyone
Servants or Urchins Grades 1-3 (student chooses which)
Knights Grades 1-3; optional for others
Ruffians Grades 1-4; optional for others

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