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A Midsummer Night's Dream
Roles / Lead Parts

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This page shows which parts are for leads (ages 12-14), which parts are open to 10-11 year olds, and finally roles for those ages 8-9. It also shows which parts likely have double casting (2 campers on stage playing the part at the same time), indicated by a capital DC and which have solo songs. For parts in the The Princess and the Pauper, which is the optional pocket show in the multi-week camps and the main show in the 1-week camps, click here.

For more on casting in general click here

Lead Parts (ages 12-14; occasional 11-year old)

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Titania, Queen of Fairies   1 solo song, a few shorter solos
Oberon, King of Fairies     1 solo song, a few shorter solos
(DC?) Puck, a Fairy          Some individual lines in songs
DC    Hermia                             Some individual lines in songs
DC    Helena                              1 solo; some individual lines
DC    Demetrius                        Some individual lines in songs
DC    Lysander                          Some individual lines in songs

DC  Nick Bottom, a Weaver    2 solo songs, some individual parts

Supporting Parts, likely ages 12-14

Theseus, Duke of Athens                
Hippolyta, Queen of Amazons
Egeus, father of Hermia         1 solo song

Chorus                                  3-5 songs, some challenging quartets

Supporting parts (ages 12-14, or 10-11)

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Dewdrop Fairy                        Some solos in a duet song
Philostrate, Minister of Mirth

   Lead Mechanicals:       (all have a few solo lines in a song, and all can be either male or female onstage [names can change])
-- Peter Quince, a carpenter   
-- Francis Flute, a bellows-mender
-- Tom Snout, a tinker
-- Snug, a joiner
-- Robin Starveling, a tailor

Supporting Mechanicals     two songs, act in play-within-play
Egeus' Train                         sing in one song
Lords and Ladies of Theseus and Hippolyta
--- Possibility for Chorus if outstanding singer AND can hold a challenging individual part while others sing different parts

Youth Parts  (ages 8-9)   Students pick one:

Oberon's Fairies                 sing in two songs
Titania's Fairies                  sing two songs
 (Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed have one line each)