Camp Culture:  A Musical Theater Journey

At Inspirations camps we welcome all participants to take their next step in theatrical expression through musical theater. We welcome anyone from students who have previously taken part in a dozen youth productions to those who have never spoken in front of a group but are excited to try theater out---and all experience levels in between. We believe this diversity enhances both our camp culture and the quality of the show we put on at the end of camp.  Regardless of their past experience or confidence in theater, we invite all our participants to try something new at camp, stretch themselves in ways that are fun and exciting, and share the gifts they bring with other campers.

Making Memories

We believe this camp creates memories that will last a lifetime.  We hope that our participants will be able to look back to their time here and feel a warm glow, recalling the laughter shared and new friends made. They will have tried new things, overcome challenges, and been part of putting on an amazing show.

Community Building

Every adult volunteer, visitor, and show attendee brings something unique and valuable to our camp.  Here you might see a parent helping a 10-year old create an animal costume, there a grandmother helping paint a set with one of our staff members; and if you peek behind the curtains the night of the performance, you could see a 4-year old camp sibling being given a tour backstage, her smile lighting up the room.

Our camps are a place where we welcome helping hands of all sizes.  Have some background in lighting, or an interest to learn? We might be able to use you. Did you play the flute 15 years ago and are interested in starting up again? You could be a great fit for our orchestra.  Enjoy cheering the students during the performance?  We'd love to have you, and encourage you to bring a friend as well! See our volunteer opportunities; and if you have something to offer that is not listed, send us a line letting us know your special gift, and we'll see if we can find a good fit!

Five Happy Oregon campers.jpg
My kids have been involved with numerous productions and the results (on their faces and the audiences’ response) is always the same—pure joy.
— Rob Rinaldi

Oregon Camp Cast and Staff 2014       These kids (and staff!) do like to get their drama on

Oregon Camp Cast and Staff 2014       These kids (and staff!) do like to get their drama on