program overview

Fun and Magic for the Kids

We strive for our camp and club experiences to be fun and magical for all camp participants. Through theater games, singing, and exercises that stretch our voices and our imagination, we have a blast while creating an accepting atmosphere of trust at camp. Our musicals are specifically written so that a 14-year old will feel just as challenged and filled as an 8-year old—although their roles may be quite different. See Casting for the roles children of different ages can expect in our shows.

A Place for Youth to Shine

Having worked in youth productions the past seven years, we have seen time and time again the dedication, memorization skills, and acting ability that young students can bring—if given the chance. Here at Inspirations, we allow young people to step up to the roles that we feel they are truly capable of.

The Shows

The campers work very hard to make our end-of-camp performances entertaining and special.  It is amazing to see how high these young people can reach--while encouraging each other to soar.

Community Building

Every adult volunteer, visitor, and show attendee lends something to our camp and to our show.  At our camp you might see an older student helping a younger one with their lines, a grandfather helping paint a set with a staff member, or a 4-year old being given a backstage tour by her elder sibling. Our camps are a place where we welcome helping hands of all sizes. If you'd like to get involved, check out our volunteer opportunities; and if you have something to offer that is not listed, send us a line letting us know your special gift, and we'll see if we can find a good fit!

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There are few things as exciting for children as being part of a singing, dancing and acting extravaganza. As a teacher I was part of seeing this magical world unfold for both young children and middle schoolers alike and it was as much fun for the adults as it was for children. Inspirations Camps and Director Torsti Rovainen have the ability to make this experience come alive for young people. Torsti is an able composer of kid-friendly lyrics and music, and an experienced dramatic coach and director who can lead children through games and exercises to a final performance.
— Judy Tharinger, Co-Teacher and 2016 Vt. Stage Manager