Note: this page has our 2018 staff. Our staffing picture should be complete by ~mid-June 2019, and we will update this page as we go.

Here you'll find People who love Kids and Theater, and are dedicated to:

Vermont staff lead a warm-up exercise backstage before a performance

Vermont staff lead a warm-up exercise backstage before a performance

--The kids and their camp experience
--Theater as a lively, dynamic art
--Having FUN!

Our staff are confident, motivated, and theatrically gifted. They are here to help make your child's camp experience more interesting, fun, and where appropriate for that particular child, challenging, so that children can take their next step in theatrical expression. 

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Torsti Rovainen, Camp Founder / Director
Oregon, Vermont, Wisconsin Camps

Torsti Rovainen is very happy to offer Inspirations Theater Camps as a place for children and adults to come together to create a special theater and community experience. He has written and scored five musicals. As director Torsti organizes and oversees all camp operations; directs and choreographs scenes for the play; schedules rehearsals; leads theater workshops and activities; supports and directs camp staff; and acts as the primary parent liaison before and during camp. 

wisconsin camp staff

Edward Lemar

I am excited to help create a space for theater enthusiasts to shine!  I have been writing and performing music and theater for many years.  As a music teacher for the Tomorrow River Community Charter School I'm able to be a part of Summertheater camp.  I grew up going to summer camps and worked at others during my summers during college.  I have bicycled from Canada to Mexico, worked for multiple organic farms, lived in 3 different tree houses, and I'm an avid birder.  I  collect umbrellas, old suitcases, acorns, and loves narwhals. 




Makenzi Edwards      

Makenzi Edwards is ecstatic to work at Inspirations Theater camp this summer because she believes that she has some genuine knowledge to pass along to these kids. Makenzi has always been in love with theater and music since she was a little girl. She attended a writing and acting comedy class at the Governor's Institute winter weekend and is hoping to enter an arts class there this summer as well. She knows that theater is an amazing fit for kids because it allows them to express themselves and just show how a seemingly small individual can be as big as they want themselves to be. She also loves pandas.

Oregon CAMP staff


Darlene Sorensen, Theater Staff & Aftercare

Darlene Sorensen is returning to Inspirations Camp for a fifth year. She truly believes that “all the world is a stage.” Play and curiosity are two of her greatest passions. With a BFA in Theatre and a MA in counseling psychology - drama therapy, Darlene has over 20 years experience performing in a variety of venues and has facilitated improv workshops and drama therapy for life skills enhancement, personal growth, customer service skills and just plain fun. She is currently a company member of Playback Theatre PDX. Darlene loves dancing, singing, exercising, reading and rarely finds life boring. She is blessed with a daughter and partner who fill her life with joy, depth and laughter. Darlene looks forward to another summer of fun working with the kids!

Kai Givens                         

kai picture.jpg

I am very excited to be working at Inspirations Theater camp this year. I love theater, and I especially love working with children. I have worked with Inspirations Theater before, and have seen kids grow and thrive in their time at camp. As a junior at Portland Waldorf High School, I have had my fair share of acting and performing, and I thoroughly enjoy it. In past years, I’ve played in the small orchestra accompanying the musicals performed at Inspirations Theater camps. I have also performed in several class plays, as well as a few other plays. I have taken part in many school music performance, and currently run a jazz and rock band at PWS. I enjoy playing sports, and especially enjoy playing soccer with the kids at Theater Camp.

Bella Gunn, Camp Cheerleader

Bella Gunn may not be with us too much this summer, she will come by to visit when she can. Bella, also known as Doodle, enjoys the many dress-up sessions, fashion shows, and nail painting sessions that her human sisters have her participate in. Her acting career includes playing the part of The Bride in several family backyard weddings, although truth be told, she did run from the altar once in her wedding dress and had to be chased down the street. Bella enjoys wiggling excitedly, chasing tennis balls repeatedly, rolling in mud puddles, being in the middle of things, and giving slurpee kisses. She is of lab and border collie heritage.