summer 2020 program Enrollment opens January 1 2020

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for families attending our theater camps for the first time.

We're glad that you're choosing Inspirations Theater Camps. To make sure that what we offer is the best possible experience and fit for your child, we ask all parents and guardians to be familiar with our camp program before enrolling. The links below provide a good amount of information. If the experience feels like a good fit, and you have had your questions answered, click the red button at the bottom of this page to proceed to our enrollment page once you have read the agreement statements below.

If you've done a summer theater camp before, to register click the red button below or here

More Information about our camps — click on any purple button below.
If you are ready to register, once you’ve read the agreements / understandings below,
then click through at the bottom to get to the registration page.

Please read and be in agreement with the following before clicking on the button below:

  • -- I understand how casting works for the various ages attending camp.

  • -- I know the dates, times, and performance schedule for the camp in which I am enrolling.

  • -- I have learned what I wish to about the show(s) the children will be performing

  • -- Each camper is expected to know their spoken lines and the songs they are part of by the first day of camp. I understand that as a parent I am expected to help facilitate the children learning their lines and the songs before camp begins (we send out scripts and a practice CD or mp3's by mid-May).

  • -- I have read the electronics policy and agree to help my child be in compliance with those rules (**different for high school theater experience)

  • -- I realize that Inspiration Camps will not allow any videorecordings of its performances.

  • -- I understand the tuition structure and I am ready to send in a deposit / tuition payment plan (to be filled out upon completion of enrollment).

  • -- I have had any questions I need to answered about Inspirations Theater Camps, and am ready to enroll!

NOTE: When you click on the button below, you will be taken to a page where you first fill out your camp enrollment (name, contact info, etc.). After you have completed that you will see links to our medical forms and the financial contribution form, a separate document.

Once 1) the enrollment form 2) the medical forms and 3) the financial forms and/or payment is complete, your child will be fully enrolled and ready for the summer!